Kung Fu in Hawaii, Qi Maui Fest for both kids and adults

Maui Qi Fest

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Hawaii Retreat for ONLY $750! 4 nights 5 days including room and board and all the classes you can take! Everyone also gets a complimentary massage!

10,000 Victories will present Northern Shaolin Kung Fu and Xing Yi Quan at the 2015 Maui Qi Fest in Hawaii on June 26 – 30. This exciting event features Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga, Push Hands, Kung Fu, dance, as well as fun outdoor activities, exciting shows every night and fun for families and people of all ages.

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tai chi sword or tai ji jian

Tai Chi Sword Class at College of Marin

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T’ai Chi Sword is a fun and entertaining way to exercise, build your health, boost your energy level, improve balance, increase strength, enhance coordination, and explore new ways of moving. The beautiful flowing movements are truly enjoyable to practice and encourage a pleasant state of meditation.

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