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Town School Kung Fu Pants, Shirt, Animal Power Student Guide, and 2 Fu Books


Product Description

For a great, easy way to get your son properly attired for Kung Fu and save a few dollars this is a great option.  It is great synchronicity that both the Town School for Boys and the 10,000 Victories Kung Fu School have the same colors, Blue and White, and the same mascot: The Tiger.  This bundle contains the blue 10,000 Victories Kung Fu T shirt with Tiger in White.  It also contains the Baggy Blue Training pants that are durable and have plenty of room for high kicking and leaping.

The Animal Power Student Guide introduces the training program that includes 18 animals. Each animal teaches a virtue, an important body mechanic, Animal Drills to train the body mechanic, Animal Moves for self defense.  The Student Guide also outlines the origins, goals and important concepts of Kung Fu training emphasizing character development.

The Fu Books are workbooks, beloved by the students, that accompany each animals lesson.  The Fu Books are packed with great content teaching the virtue of each animal, stories, Chinese lessons, art, biology, pictures of all movements and drills, history, folklore and lots of fun.  The Fu Books are an important part of each session and we refer to them during class.  This package omits the Kung Fu Jacket with interloop buttons and replaces it with the t-shirt instead.

Kids pants $28, Kids shirt $20, Animal Power Student Guide $22, Rabbit and Tiger Fu Books 2 x $10 each = $90


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