Form and Will Boxing – a Traditional Chinese Kung Fu

Xing Yi Quan is relatively simple to learn and easy to remember because it has relatively few moves and short training sequences compared to most other styles of Chinese martial arts. For modern people with a busy lifestyle this makes Xing Yi an excellent choice because it is easy to learn, doesnʼt take much room to practice, and is practical for self defense.


Start Training Your Xing Yi Power!

Xing Yi Quan is a traditional combat oriented style of martial arts from China.

Xing is translated as “Shape or Form”, Yi is translated as “Will or Intention” and Quan is usually translated as “Boxing or Martial Arts Style”.

The name refers to hiding your intention from your opponent while you see their intention. It also highlights the importance of cultivating your will power.

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  • Same fantastic health benefits as Tai Chi
  • Easy to learn
  • Doesn’t require lots of stretching, kicking or leaping
  • Increase energy, improve flexibility, and improve balance
  • Gets you in shape safely
  • Powerful self defense moves
  • Heal/rehab old injuries

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Xing Yi Quan in Action