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The 10,000 Victories Animal Power Program is Branching Out!

The 10,000 Victories Animal Power Program has branched out to a new location at Lycée Français de San Francisco, Sausalito after-school program under the leadership of Animal Power Instructor, Noah Tatarsky-Omarzu!  Noah is guided by Sifu Scott Jensen and Rachel Jensen. With support from Joseph Vigneri and Harry Rudl.

About Lycée Français  de San Fransisco

Lycée Français de San Francisco has a long lasting reputation for excellence, offering school programs on three Bay Area campuses around the Bay Area. The main campus is located in San Francisco (1201 Ortega St. San Francisco) and was established in 1967. Lycée now has annex campuses on Ashbury St. San Francisco and Coloma St. Sausalito.

The school is a culturally diverse, bi-lingual private school, following the French Academic system and is accredited by the French Ministry of Education. The school is known as one of the most prestigious schools on the West Coast. Students are prepared to receive diplomas in both the American and French High School system.

There is a low teacher to student ratio and great on campus parent participation. Teachers combine traditional French approach with contemporary holistic practices. The school embraces martial arts and has multiple offering including Fencing, Aikido and Capoeira. Many students have reported the Kung Fu Animal Power system as being their favorite!

Community development

Noah has successful retained high student enrollment in both of the two offered classes. Through careful communication with parents, students and staff, Noah has begun to develop a thriving community relationship.

Most students are now on their fourth animal power lesson and have consistently attended the program. New students have joined in each block, as the word has spread of the awesomeness of Kung Fu Animal Power!

Originating as one class, we have successfully split the group into two age groups and added a second time slot. The first group consists of ages 5-6 while the second group is made up of children 6 years and older.

The Animal Power Program

Because of the wonderful virtue lessons and practical self defense techniques, Kung Fu Animal Power is a perfect curriculum to supplement and support student development.

Little Animal Power kids develop coordination and learn important virtue lessons through fun exercises and Animal Power Fu book activities. The older kids benefit from similar curriculum with added emphasis on self defense fighting techniques.

The wonderful community at Lycée Français de San Francisco, Sausalito has made us very welcome, a relationship we hope to last for a long time to come.

Learn more about Lycée Français de San Francisco HERE


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