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Advanced Tai Chi Classes

By July 29, 2016June 15th, 2021Tai Chi

Advanced Tai Chi Classes


We are very pleased to announce new Advanced Tai Chi classes with the City of San Rafael. If you have looking for advanced Tai Chi lessons you have found them.  These new Monday night advanced Tai Chi classes start slightly later than my other classes at 7:15 PM so it should be easier for people to make class after work. The will be two groups in class.

Learn Tai Chi Sword

Learn Tai chi Sword and Push Hands in San Rafael

One group will be led by Rachel Jensen and will study the Tai Chi sword form. Rachel Jensen will teach the 46 style Tai Chi sword from the Chen Pan Ling lineage of Tai Chi.  This beautiful sword form contains a complete set of classical sword techniques.  There are very few repetitions so the form is full of unique movements.  This makes it exciting to learn and practice.  Scott Jensen will alos provide expert advice and guidance.

Learn Tai Chi Push Hands

The other group will learn Push Hands from Sifu Scott Jensen.  Pushing Hands is the two person advanced-tai-chi-push-hands-sifu-scott-jensen-san-rafael-10000-victories-exercise of Tai Chi designed to develop your self defense skills.  Push Hands is incredibly helpful for understanding the movements of the Tai Chi form.  Learning Push Hands gives you clear feedback on the your posture and improves your balance.  It also develops your sensitivity to your partner and ability to feel their balance, direction of movement and intention.  The exercises in Push Hands are gentle and cooperative at first.  later as you learn more, Push Hands can become an exciting game of gently off balancing one another.  Push Hands is a safe way to develop self defense skills.

Advanced Tai Chi Classes are Open to All students of All Styles, Lineages, and Teachers

TaiChi Push hands Classes with Scott jensen in San Rafael, Ca

These advanced Tai Chi classes are oriented towards students with some experience of Tai Chi, or other martial arts.  It is not necessary to learn the Tai Chi solo form, but it definitely helps.  You also do not need to learn the Yang Family Tai Chi form.  Students of all styles of Tai Chi, and all experience levels, are welcome to attend!

Detailed Instruction

Both Rachel, and Scott Jensen will include detailed and careful instruction, with plenty of repetition, individual correction, and attention.   We’ll focus on improving everyone’s skill and knowledge to the best of our ability.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me either by email at, or by phone 415-455-9467.

San Rafael Main Community Center

The new Advanced Tai Chi classes will be held at the main community center on B street between Safeway and the Bocce ball courts.  San Rafael is centrally located in Marin and the community center is less than five minutes from the freeway.  There is plenty of free parking.  The main hall of the community is a beautiful room.  One of the nicest in Marin!

To register please visit the San Rafael website after August 8th:

Advanced T’ai Chi Sword and Push Hands

Session 1:  9/12/16 – 10/17/16
Time: 7:15pm – 8:00pm
$88 San Rafael Residents
$98 San Rafael Non-Residents
Course #26102, specify Tai Chi Sword or Push Hands
Registration opens August 8, 2016

Session 2: 10/24/16 – 12/19/16
No Classes on : 10/31/16, 11/21/16, 12/12/16
Time: 7:15pm – 8:00pm
$88 San Rafael Residents
$98 San Rafael Non-Residents
Course #26101, specify Tai Chi Sword or Push Hands
Registration opens August 8, 2016


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