Burak Yildiz performing Earth Dragon Staff.

Burak Yildiz was born in Santa Rosa, CA in February of the year 2000, and grew up in the City of Novato, attended Novato High School, and is a student at College of Marin. He works at his first job, a restaurant located across the street from his home. His hobbies include music, cycling, rock collecting, and of course, practicing Kung Fu.


“In our youth, we can be put onto trajectories which change the future course of our lives without us having so much as an inkling of knowledge of the event which has occurred. Such was the case with myself, when at the age of eight, my dad sold a Nissan Maxima to a certain individual. That individual was to be my future Sifu, Scott Jensen. Having been invited to a Kung Fu demo by 10,000 Victories School, my dad brought me along, and naturally I was fascinated by the complicated and impressive body mechanics and movements of Northern Shaolin Kung Fu.” – Burak Yildiz

Burak Yildiz and Sifu Scott Jensen

October 20th, 2018 Mr. Burak Yildiz has earned a Black Sash in Northern Shaolin Kung Fu. Congratulations!!