Noah Tatarsky-Omarzu, 10,000 Victories Team

Noah Tatarsky-Omarzu was born and raised in Marin County, CA. As a young boy, he fell in love with music, and also pursued athletic interests such as soccer. As an adult, Noah received training in community organization and youth mentoring. Also, he has been a dedicated Kung Fu student for over 8 years. He has had the honor to lead many classes for both adults and children with direct training and guidance from Sifu Scott Jensen, and has earned many trophies and awards competing in tournaments.


“I believe that the traditional Chinese martials arts and other wonderful teachings of Sifu Scott Jensen have dramatically improved my life. My confidence and sense of self have grown greatly and I now have skills that I once thought were unattainable. The teaching affects my mind, body, and soul, challenging me to grow and reach for greatness. Kung Fu has helped me through the most difficult times in my life and has supported the most precious.” – Noah Tatarsky-Omarzu

Noah Tatarsky-Omarzu and Sifu Scott Jensen

October 20th, 2018 Mr. Noah Tatarsky-Omarzu has earned a Black Sash in Northern Shaolin Kung Fu. Congratulations!!