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Erik Palmer is Sifu Jensen’s senior most student and a Northern Shaolin Black Sash holder. Rachel Jensen has completed a beautiful short film about Erik and what it means to be a Northern Shaolin Black Sash and student of 10,000 Victories School.  You can view the film by following the links below. We hope you like and it inspires you to learn and master Northern Shaolin earning a Black Sash like Erik Palmer.

Northern Shaolin is a large and complex system of martial arts. It takes years of dedication to learn and perfect the movements. Erik Palmer began studying Northern Shaolin at the age of 9 in Berkeley, CA with Sifu Jensen. Although, Palmer took some time off from training in high school, he has been a consistent hard worker.  Studying for over 20 years, Erik built a solid grasp of the techniques of Northern Shaolin and developed excellent skills in sparring and self defense.  As a youth, Palmer competed in many local tournaments, frequently winning both forms, and sparring, events in the same tournament.

In addition to learning Northern Shaolin, Palmer also learned Buddha Palm, Cannon Fist Boxing, Arresting Hands Boxing, Xing Yi Quan, Ba Gua Zhang and Tai Chi.  Learning the additional arts helped Palmer take his understand of Northern Shaolin deeper and incorporate subtle qualities from the internal martial arts.  Palmer also studied many traditional weapons.  Beginning in the 1990‘s Palmer traveled to China with Sifu Jensen, several times, to train with senior instructors in Cannon Fist, Arresting Hands and the internal martial arts of Tai Chi, Ba Gua, and Xing Yi.

Erik Palmer currently lives in South Carolina with his wife Yulian Wu, a Phd. Chinese History, and son Jin.  Palmer is completing his own Phd in Mathematics.  A perfect combination of the Wu, or martial arts, and the Wen, or scholarly arts.

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