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Kung Fu Staff Day – Learn Earth Dragon Staff

July 21, 2019 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Earth Dragon Kung Fu Staff Days – $40 current students, $60 everybody else.

Earth Dragon Staff is a magnificent Kung Fu staff practice set. Learn how to use the long rattan staff with skill and power. During the Earth Dragon staff day everyone will learn as many new moves as they can remember. Advanced students can review fine points and details to perfect new skills and level up their staff form. This is the staff form taught by Wong Jackman and is top staff of the Northern Shaolin System. If you like to show off in demos or tournaments or simply to your friends and family the Earth Dragon Staff will not disappoint. Travel any where in the world to any martial arts group where the staff is taught and practiced. When they see tyou perform this routine they will be incredibly impressed.

The last hour will see everyone clacking staffs together as they practice the Sun Moon Staff Sparring Form with partners. This staff versus staff form was featured in the Kung Fu TV series starring David Carradine. Super Fun!

Each seminar will be held a different location in Beautiful Marin County! This seminar will be held at the West Peak of Mount Tamalpais featured in the movie the Invisible Peak . Here it is: secret map to hidden location (West Peak of Mount Tamalpais).

Can you find it?

Well, simply put, if you can’t find this location, you’re not worthy.

Any class held here will be magnificent and if you want the wisdom you must climb the mountain. We are training in the old air force base that used to command the Nike missile bases up and down the coast. The foundations are great for training on and the views are awesome.

I recommend starting on foot from Mill Valley. However, most will prefer to drive and park nearby. Carpooling at least the last part of the way is recommended as there are only a few parking spaces…. A good place to carpool from for parking and restroom use is Rock Springs Parking Lot: another secret map no one else knows about  (to the Rock Springs Parking Lot)

Arriving at the Rock Springs Parking Lot at 1:30 PM Am with a thermos of tea or coffee or blender full of eggs and vitamins…. is a great plan. Everyone should meet at Rock Springs no later than 1:45 PM. There are restrooms and plenty of parking at the Rock Springs Parking lot. There are also magnificent campgrounds nearby that one could camp at and then hike in. It is an easy hike in from the Rock Springs Parking Lot to the West Peak Air Force Base. How will you know you are in the right spot? You will know. The gate on the Pantoll Road opens at 7AM unless the Ranger is lazy… so it is easy to arrive early and hike in to enjoy the absolutely incredible scenery. If you want to watch the dawn park in the Pantoll Campground Parking Lot or at the Bootjack Campground. Bootjack is a longer hike. Both of these areas have nicer restrooms than Rock Springs Parking Lot. However, Rock Springs is a lot closer.

Bring water, hat, layers, staff, snacks, attitude to train hard, shades, outdoor shoes, hand towel and photographic memory…


Learn Kung Fu staff today! $40 current students, $60 everybody else.

Perfect for total beginners and advanced students alike.