Kung Fu Animal Power for Kids Fall Animal Round Up !

This Fall you’ll learn the Jaguar, Bear, and Rabbit Animals in our Kung Fu Animal Power for Kids Classes.

It’s time to register!

San Anselmo Classes start Sept 6, Lagunitas classes start Sept 7,

5-7/8 years old Registration7/8 -12 years old Registration

If you need assistance or have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Rachel at 415-455-9467 or info@10000victories.com

Mark Day School Classes Start Sept 16:
Mark Day: Register for K
Mark Day: Register for G 1-6, New Student for this class, fee includes a Kung Fu staff, required for class
Mark Day; Register for G 1-6, Returning students who already owns a Kung Fu staff, if your child has lost his/her Kung Fu staff, please register here

Please be sure to register early to ensure that your classes are going!

Another exciting note is that this Fall we have a new program at the Town School for Boys in San Francisco. To register please contact EDP@townschool.com or call 415-746-1120


jaguarJaguar Virtue: Decisive – Seize the moment
Decisiveness allows you to decide quickly and take advantage of opportunities, or respond to challenges, quickly. Leaders need to be decisive. Be brave and make decisions! Using your intelligence, and most importantly, your wisdom, will help you make good choices. Making a great choice too late has no value. In an emergency , being able to decide quickly may one day save your life, or the life of someone else. Making decisions is the essence of leadership. When you follow your decisions with further actions and deeds you are showing leadership in your life.

Jaguar Body Mechanic Lesson: Speed
The Body lesson of the Jaguar is Speed. Speed is important for martial artists because it you are fast and seize the moment you can gain the advantage over your opponents and win.  Speed comes from relaxation and good body mechanics.

Jaguar Drills: Jaguar Stance and Stalking Steps
Just as the Jaguar stalks its prey with silent stealthy steps, you’ll learn how to track your opponents footwork and control the distance between you and the opponent.
Jaguar Stance Is a low fast stance with most of the weight on the rear leg.  Think of it as halfway between a horse stance and a Bow Stance.

Jaguar Moves: Jaguar Fist & Jaguar Punching Drills
The Jaguar fist is a flatter fist with the second row of knuckles bent for striking.

Jaguar Awareness: Incisive


bearBear Virtue:  Honesty – Tell the Truth and Keep Your Promises
When you tell the truth, and people know it, they believe what you say. Honest people truly communicate with one another. Honest people build close, satisfying relationships. By making, and keeping promises, people trust you. When people trust you, they are willing to make plans with you, do exciting things with you, and rely on you. Making and keeping promises takes practice and builds will power and intention.

Bear Body Mechanic Lesson: Strong Straight Spine
The spine is center of the bodies strength and posture. A strong spine supports every action you take. Your spine transmits the power developed by the legs to your arms.  A strong spine also helps you resist the opponents movements.

Bear Drills:  Bear Body Drills, Bear Stance
The Bear Stance is also called the Crouching Stance. Both legs are bent low and the spines is straight. The  Bear Body drills shift the weight and twist the spine strengthening all the muscles around the spine, building good upright posture and strengthening the felt connection between the legs and arms.

Bear Moves: Drilling Fist, Lashing Fist and Hammer Fist
The Drilling Fist drives upward. The Lashing fist also drives upward but in a much larger movement. The Hammer Fist uses the side of the fist to pound with and can be done many different ways.

Bear Awareness: Integrity


rabbitRabbit Virtue:  Polite – Make Friends by Listening, Consider Others Needs
Politeness and good manners helps you make friends. Politeness and good manners helps avoid offending others and creating problems. Because martial artists have the ability to hurt others they must be polite, and well mannered at all times. Being polite means to consider and respect the needs of others. Being polite is active.  Considering other peoples needs means understanding and caring for them enough to pay attention and take helpful actions.

Rabbit Body Mechanic Lesson: Close Mouth, Lift Tongue
In martial arts, keeping your mouth closed protects you teeth and jaw from injury.  Keeping your mouth closed prevents biting your tongue accidentally.  You cannot use the full strength of your body, especially in pulling, without pressing your teeth together.  A closed mouth is a sign of good breath control, particularly after an energetic performance.  Avoid thirst, and loss of moisture, by keeping your mouth closed.  Lifting your tongue also helps connect your Qi meridians and build your inner force.

Rabbit Drills: 8 Elusive Steps
The Rabbit is a creature that relies on listening, speed, and evasion for survival.  Rabbits have no offensive capability.  The 8 Elusive Steps teach you how to move to the 8 directions quickly and evade an opponents attack.

Rabbit Moves: Dodging
Dodging is a perfect defensive skill.  If you dodge, you don’t get hurt.  Get so good at dodging that no one can touch you!  Its a great self defense skill.

Rabbit Awareness: Listening

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