New Classes Make Qi Gong Lessons Available Six Days a Week 

Qi Gong

New Classes Make Qi Gong Lessons Available Six Days a Week

Qi Gong is a wonderful and nourishing practice of movement and deep breathing from China. There are many forms of Qi Gong ranging from very still sitting Qi Gong to highly energetic moving Qi Gong. Millions of people practice worldwide to recover from injuries, relieve pain, prevent or recover from illness and extend their life.

The Yi Jin Jing (Muscle Tendon Changing Classic) is a wonderfully nourishing set of 24 exercises that condition the entire body, tonify organs and cultivate life force energy.

Created by the Bodhidarma over 1600 years ago in China, the Yi Jin Jing Muscle Tendon Changing Classic Qi Gong set was designed to build strength and longevity for meditation and martial arts practice.

The Yi Jin Jing is safe for people of all ages and physical abilities. With mindful and continuous  practice, Yi Jin Jing can significantly improve one’s health.

Even after a short amount of practice, most people feel a positive affect.

Sifu Scott Jensen has produced many thought provoking articles on Qi Gong and offers detailed Qi Gong Instructional DVDs and a full color Qi Gong guide book for new students.

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NEW Class Times / Locations

Instructor Joseph Vigneri is now offering new classes of the Yi Jin Jing set at two new locations and four new days.

Joseph practices Qi Gong to enhance and compliment his martial arts practice and has many years of experience teaching.

Joseph has deep knowledge of posture, body mechanics and breath control and has received many years of training from Sifu Scott Jensen.

Joseph’s NEW Classes: 

Mondays(Noon-12:45pm) Robson-Harrington Park, San Anselmo

Tuesdays(Noon-12:45pm) Boyd Park, San Rafael

Wednesdays(Noon-12:45pm) San Geronimo Community Center, San Geronimo

Thursdays(Noon-12:45pm) Boyd Park, San Rafael


Pre-existing Classes: 

Wednesdays(Noon-1:00pm) Goldman Plaza Cal Memorial Stadium, Berkeley

Saturdays(9:00am-9:45am)Boyd Park, San Rafael

Sundays (9:00am-9:45am)Boyd Park, San Rafael


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Qi Gong

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