Our Plans Keep Growing!

By February 10, 2021Events

WE have been looking at lots of different ways to create your Tai Chi Online Training Academy. We’ve got enough options that it is a challenge to evaluate them all! Fortunately, we have had the kind assistance of our advanced students and Black Sashes and all of their diverse and wonderful skills. Talking and consulting, Rachel decided we should look at the total program we are planning. This call to action spurred me to outline dozens of lessons on many Tai Chi Topics to create my dream “Comprehensive Tai Chi Chuan Course. Creating a comprehensive program with even more areas of Tai Chi study. Comprehensive means including the following sections and topics.

  • Learning Section 1
  • Learning Section 2
  • Learning Section 3

Each of the above courses will have many supporting lessons and pieces that go beyond learning the physical movements. The additional topics are designed to help you gain new perspectives and understanding of this deep art. You can learn the movements without them and then as you are ready to expand your Tai Chi practice by studying them. These courses will be drawn from a library of content. You will be able to view the individual lessons at any point if they interest you.

  • Foundation Stances
  • Balance Development
  • Linear Drills
  • Motivation Moments to Keep You Going!
  • Beauty and Performance Tips of the 41 Tai Chi Techniques
  • Getting Results – How to Achieve the Health Benefits of Tai Chi
  • Self Defense Applications of the 41 Tai Chi Techniques
  • Philosophy and Lore of Tai Chi Chuan

In addition, we plan a Practical Tai Chi Boxing Series with these topics:

  • Footwork Drills – Solo and with a Partner
  • Bag and Pad Striking
  • Empty Body Drills
  • Sparring Drills and Games

Many People will also be interested in our course on Tai Chi Sword. This beautiful course will take your breath away. Many will also be interest in Push Hands and Joint Locks – We will teach lots of Push Hands drills. In addition, we will show the hidden joint locking techniques of Push Hands. Expand the game with the Techniques of Da Lu including the shoulder, elbow, knee, and split, and integrate them all with the practical boxing sparring games.

This program will then encompass the full martial art of Tai Chi Chuan and move beyond merely learning the movements for beginning students but also dive deep into topics that will fascinate and delight our  most advanced practitioners.

Are we ambitious? Yes! Crazy? Probably… But we can do it with a little help from our friends! And lots of our elbow grease.

Other news on our production front.

I am now a Cinema and Broadcast Media student at San Francisco City College and taking classes in Announcing and Performing, Non Fiction Screen Writing, and Production Planning. Loving every class, I am learning great skills to help us produce content for you! I am delighted to be in school and enjoying even though I am not going to physical classes.

Our beloved editor, Sean Lim, will be taking a break for a few weeks for health reasons so videos will slow for about month. Sean will be back and ready charging forward soon!

Thank you all for your patience. We are working hard to produce an awesome comprehensive Tai Chi program that you will enjoy and reap the most benefits from!


  • Tres Bogda says:

    Hello, my name is Tres Bogda.

    I am friends with Peter and Pat O’Hanrahan, who recommended your school. I am interested in taking classes online or in a socially distanced way.

    Can you let me know what is available?

    Thank you

  • Ned Garrett says:

    I’m looking forward to this. I’m undoubtedly sorely in need of “continuing education” in the art. Thanks!

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