10,000 Victories Northern Shaolin Special Report


Explore the art of Northern Shaolin and the journey of 9 students and their teacher Scott Jensen. Carrying on the lineage and tradition of Grandmaster Wong Jackman into the 21st century the 10,000 Victories school is proud to present this book. Within you will find information on the style of Northern Shaolin including its history, famous masters like Gu Yu Jeong (or, Gu Ruzhang) and Wong Jackman, as well as the content of the art including descriptions of all the hand, weapon, and partner forms taught by Wong Jackman. The 10,000 Victories School Northern Shaolin Graduation Ceremony that graduated 9 Black Sash students is covered in detail including personal statements and fabulous photos. Stunning full color brings these photos to life.


If you get too hot pack it away in a Northern Shaolin Backpack, a Northern Shaolin Tiger Pack, or a 10,000 Victories Shaolin Pack with your daggers, whip chains, and rope darts!

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