Bear Fu Book


The Bear Fu Book is a guide for Students who are learning the Bear. In this book you will learn all the lessons of the Bear that you will learn in class including “Honesty – Telling The Truth” the Virtue of the Bear, Keeping a Straight Spine and the Lashing, Drilling and Hammers Fists. It’s Fun!

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Bear Fu Book

Bear Fu Book Cover

 Authored by Scott Jensen with Contirbutions by Rachel Jensen, Illustrated by Connor Jensen and Joseph Vigneri, Design and Photographs by Rachel Jensen
List Price: $10.00
8″ x 10″ (20.32 x 25.4 cm)
Black & White on White paper
30 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1539340997
ISBN-10: 1539340996
BISAC: Juvenile Nonfiction / Sports & Recreation / Martial Arts

Kung Fu Animal Power Bear Fu Book  

Kung Fu Animal Power uses 18 different Animals to teach classic virtues, build strong athletic bodies with good posture and body mechanics, and learn self defense. The Bear Fu Book (or Lucky Fun Book) is a guide for Students in the Kung Fu Animal Power program who are learning the Bear. In this book you will learn all the lessons of the Bear that you will learn in class including:

Bear Virtue: Honesty – Tell the truth and keep your promises 

Telling the truth is saying how things actually are. Learning how to make and keep promises builds trust and success in life. Honesty is the foundation of good friendships. Honesty shows respect and care.

Bear Body Mechanic Lesson: Strong Straight Spine

The spine is the center of the body of the bodies strength and posture. A strong straight spine supports every action you take. Your spine transmits teh power developed by your legs to your arms. A strong spine also helps you resist the opponents movements.

Bear Drills: Twisting Body Coiling Spine
The Bear body drills teach you how to keep your spine strong upright while turning and coiling your body. The Bear drills train your twisting power and the connection between your feet and legs and your upper body and hands.

Bear Moves
The Bear Moves include the Drilling Fist, Lashing Fist, and Hammer Fist! This guide has photos of each move to help you remember and learn the Bear Moves.

You’ll also find:
Fun games
Pictures to admire
Drawings to color
Learn how to Write Bear in Chinese
Learn How to Write Honest in Chinese
A Idioms and Folk Stories from Chinese History that feature the bear

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