Kids Chinese Kung Fu Straight Sword

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Kids Chinese Kung Fu Sword

Kids Chinese Kung Fu Sword for use in 10000 Victories Kung Fu classes and summercamps. Order here and pick up at your next class or camp. They ARE NOT sharp and are meant to be safe for practice.

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Chinese Kung Fu Sword

These are high quality weapons imported from China. The kung fu sword, or jian (double-edged straight sword), is the most practiced weapon in China. Read more about the kung fu sword here.

We teach the kung fu sword to develop and understanding of the students spacial relationship to their opponent and their environment.The kung fu sword uses many spiraling techniques and helps to direct and refine the internal spirals within the practitioners body. It is excellent for developing the extension of Qi outside the body all the way to the tip of the blade. Straight sword also develops good balance by using a variety of movements on one leg. Many of the potential combinations of the Cat Stances are also explored in sword training. The straight sword was a weapon of choice used by scholars, generals, and women because it requires cleverness, speed, skill, and strategy to win, rather than raw power.

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  1. Muhammad Hussain

    is this sword real

    • 10000victories

      It is a dull practice sword, a “sport apparatus” instead of weapon. Looks nice, good balance, and fair price for quality level.

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