Kids Chinese Kung Fu Saber


Kids Chinese Kung Fu Saber for use in 10000 Victories Kung Fu classes and summercamps. Order here and pick up at your next class or camp. They ARE NOT sharp and are meant to be safe for practice.

Product Description

Kung Fu Saber

Chinese Kung Fu Saber for kids classes and summer camps.

The Kung Fu Saber, or dao, is a fierce weapon that really heightens the spirit and emotional intensity of its practitioners with its fast sweeping and slashing movements. The Saber is said to have the spirit of a Tiger! The saber is broad bladed and sharp on one side and at the tip. The particular shape and style used in Northern Shaolin is called a Willow Leaf Saber.

The Kung Fu Saber is another great weapon for loosening up the wrists. It also helps to develop a clear connection between the steps of the feet and the movements of the wrists, hands and swords. Saber training is also practical for modern street self-defense because its swinging movements can easily be used with improvised clubs, rods or sticks. The saber is a great weapon for beginners. Read more about the saber here.


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