Kids Chinese White Waxwood Kung Fu Spear


Kids Chinese Kung Fu Spear for use in 10000 Victories Kung Fu classes and summercamps. Order here and pick up at your next class or camp. They ARE NOT sharp and are meant to be safe for practice.

Product Description

Our Chinese Kung Fu Spear is available for kids classes and summercamps. These are high quality weapons imported from China. The kung fu spear, or qiang,  was ubiquitous on the pre-modern Chinese battlefield. Learn more about the kung fu spear here.

TheKung Fu Spear is considered the King of the weapons. It is called the King of the Weapons because it is the most difficult to defend against. The spear is also called the King of Weapons because of its versatility and power. Even an unskilled person who only knows how to thrust straight ahead is dangerous with a spear because it is hard to get around the length of the spear and reach their vital areas.

TheKung Fu Spear, like the straight sword, makes use of many spiraling techniques and helps to focus the internal spirals within the body. The spear is excellent for opening up the shoulder blades and rotating the hips and shoulders in unity with the spine. The spear is also excellent for developing the power of the waist and center of the body and for developing power in punching techniques. Because the spear thrusts are very similar to throwing punches when you thrust with the spear and you are supporting and guiding the spear, its weight helps you develop strength and proper alignment for powerful punches. The spear also helps to develop shoulder strength, size, and density.


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