10000 Victories Kung Fu Unisex Long Sleeve Shirt

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The Embroidered 10,000 Victories Shaolin Backpack features the Chinese characters for Northern Shaolin written by master calligrapher and painter Agou of Taiwan  in the ancient Li Shu script.  Agou’s concept was to show one character looking like a high kick and the other a low sweep. Li Shu captures the length and power of Northern Shaolin.

This backpack also features the 10,000 Victories School logo. this logo features a single bold character written by Agou for 10,000. 10,000 is the same as infinity in ancient Chinese language.

10,000 Victories Shaolin Backpack is a great place to carry a pair of daggers, whip chain, flying meteor, rope dart, and first aid equipment!!!

Pack your pack with a Northern Shaolin Long Sleeve, Northern Shaolin Heavyweight Hoodie, and a Northern Shaolin Beanie or Northern Shaolin Dad Hat for many layers of Northern Shaolin magic.

To learn more about Northern Shaolin you can reference our webpage here. Or you can listen to this great podcast by Sifu Jensen.

This graphic design was created by Connor Jensen

10000 Victories Kung Fu Unisex Long Sleeve Shirt

10000 Victories Kung Fu Unisex Long Sleeve Shirt are a great way to stay warm when training outside and they look great too!


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