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Northern Shaolin Kung Fu Sifu Scott Jensen from 10,000 Victories Kung Fu on Vimeo.

Shifu Scott Jensen, a foremost leader of the world-renowned Northern Shaolin Kung Fu system, is proud to present Duan Da known by many as Northern Shaolin 6. After learning from legendary Kung Fu expert, Shifu Wong Jack Man, he has acquired a clear and concise understanding of the 10 forms. This learning program was created to help promote the art. Northern Shaolin Kung Fu #6, short strike, is the most recognizable of the 10 forms. It has several high kicks, a tornado kick, and two low ground sweeps. This form is simple to learn yet aggressive and heroic. Take a journey with Shifu Scott Jensen as we explore the true essence of Northern Shaoin Kung Fu as taught by Shifu Wong Jack Man.


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Northern Shaolin 6 Short Striking Instructional DVD


Northern Shaolin Kung Fu Sifu Scott Jensen from 10,000 Victories Kung Fu on Vimeo.

The fighting techniques of the Northern Shaolin style are cataloged in 10 complex routines called the Ten Core Forms.  Each Form is a sequence of movements including steps, stances, kicks, leaps, strikes, and all the self defense movements of the style.  Part of learning the style of Northern Shaolin is to learn these forms and practice them to build your physique and skills.  Then you’ll learn to use the movements in these forms in sparring and master their application for real self defense.

Northern Shaolin Kung Fu #6 Duan Da, or Short Striking, is the first form from the Ten Core Forms that students learn.

Short Striking is really fun. It’s not too long and has a great variety of movements.  Short Striking has several high kicks,  two flying kicks, the Double Toe Kick, and the Tornado Kick, and two low Ground Sweeps.

Northern Shaolin really has a different feel from the Foundation Forms such as Tan Teui and Lain Bu.

As soon as you learn it you feel that you are learning the real Shaolin.  The flavor and authenticity of the forms is so real and so deep.

At once simple and elegant, yet also aggressive and heroic.

With practice this is Short Striking a fast, dynamic form.  In particular, it has some very fast hand technique combinations that are more densely packed than is typical in many of the other Northern Shaolin forms. Short Striking also has many exciting kicks, leaps, and sweeps.  When you perform all these movements with speed and power it is really exciting.  You feel heroic and powerful.

Northern Shaolin #6 Short Striking focuses on movements that are used close to the opponent.  When you realize that this is the Northern Shaolin idea of close fighting techniques you realize what a long range style it really is.

Short Striking is a great form for Northern Shaolin Kung Fu students to demonstrate, or compete with, in the intermediate, or even advanced categories.  The key to performing well is doing a cool looking form without making a single error.  You’ll look better doing an easier form perfectly than a difficult form with errors.  Northern Shaolin #6 has great composition.  Short Striking has a little of everything.  A few flying kicks, a few low sweeps.  Some long low moves, some shorter tight moves, some very upright moves.  #6 just looks nice and you can finish without getting all out of breath if you are in good shape.

Northern Shaolin Kung Fu #6 Short Striking is the most recognizable of the Ten Forms.  If someone from another Kung Fu style has learned a single form from Northern Shaolin it will usually be  this one.

In this program Shifu Scott Jensen performs and teaches the Northern Shaolin #6 Short Striking form as he received it from Grandmaster Wong Jackman.

Each movement is clearly demonstrated from multiple angles, including front view, right side view, and left side view.  Where rear view is helpful it is included too.  Nothing is hidden or omitted. These lessons are clearly filmed and slowly demonstrated with narration by Shifu Jensen explaining how to best perform each movement.

In addition, there is a great performance of #6 Short Striking by Shifu Jensen shot on location in Taiwan.  You’ll enjoy watching this performance many times as you learn.

This program was shot on location in Taiwan and in San Francisco.


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