Northern Shaolin 7 Plum Blossom Instructional DVD


Shaolin #7 Mei Hua “Plum Flower Fist” is one of the 10 Core Forms from the Northern Shaolin Kung Fu system. Take a journey with Sifu Scott Jensen, a foremost expert, in Northern Shaolin Kung Fu. “In this program, I present Northern Shaolin #7 as I learned it form my teacher Grandmaster Wong Jackman.” -Sifu Jensen.

Northern Shaolin #7, Mei Hua Fist Preview from 10,000 Victories Kung Fu on Vimeo.

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Northern Shaolin 7 Mei Hua “Plum Flower Fist”


Northern Shaolin #7, Mei Hua Fist Preview from 10,000 Victories Kung Fu on Vimeo.

This program will help you learn the traditional Northern Shaolin Form called Mei Hua or Plum Flower Fist.  There are 10 Core Forms of Northern Shaolin and Mei Hua  is numbered #7.  Despite being #7 Mei Hua is usually the second form that Northern Shaolin students learn.  This form is intermediate/advanced in level.

The fighting techniques of the Northern Shaolin style are cataloged in 10 complex routines called the Ten Core Forms.  Each form is a sequence of movements including steps, stances, kicks, leaps, strikes, and all the self defense movements of the style.  Part of learning the style of Northern Shaolin is to learn these forms and practice them to build your physique and skills.  Then you’ll learn to use the movements in these forms in sparring and master their application for real self defense.

Mei Hua has a balanced and beautiful sequence and structure.  When performing this form you will travel to four directions and return to your starting point.  For the intermediate student this form is quite challenging.  It contains two Tornado kicks and one Jumping Double Toe kick with a step back landing.  It also contains two powerful sweeps, and a dynamic central section called “Defeating the Ambush” or “Striking in Three Directions”.  This section is a challenge because you have to balance on one leg while kicking and punching with both arms.

This program is broken into 15 sections and contains 40 movements.

Each movement is clearly demonstrated from multiple angles, including front view, right side view, and left side view.  Where rear view is helpful it is included too.  Nothing is hidden or omitted. These lessons are clearly filmed and slowly demonstrated with narration by Shifu Jensen explaining how to best perform each movement.

For reference, there is a great performance of #7 Plum Blossom by Shifu Jensen shot on location in Taiwan.  You’ll enjoy watching this performance many times as you learn.  Without any breaks, or cuts, this performance is an excellent reference for the directions, angles, timing, and correct performance of the complete routine.

For inspiration, there is the dramatic cinematic performance shot underneath Golden Gate Bridge outside San Francisco.  Exciting cinematography and original editing by Sal Redner fires your passion to train hard and excel in Kung Fu!

This program was shot on location in Taiwan and in San Francisco.  We hope you love it!


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