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Starting June 19 – Animal Power the Monkey Online Course!

Six Weeks of Monkey Business for Kids and Parents and everyone!

We have created a new 6 week Monkey Online Course with an exciting and professional 45 minute activity class each week, bonus Mandarin language lessons, a fun “Fu Book” full of activities and an awesome patch you will earn when complete your training.  Each class includes warm ups, Stances Strikes, Hand Positions, Kicking exercises, Monkey Drills, Monkey Moves, a short Meditation on the Virtue of the Monkey: Cleverness and Solving Problems, and instruction in the Monkey’s Body Mechanic Lesson of How To Turn Quickly. Meticulous instruction is provided for each activity.

New Activity Program Each Week

Each week you receive a new program full of new fun things to learn and practice. This course is progressive and each lesson and week builds upon the previous content. At the end of six weeks each student will have practiced problem solving skills, asking questions politely,  how to turn quickly the skillful kung fu way, 6 Monkey Drills to hone turning skills, 6 Monkey moves that when combined create a fun leaping Monkey routine with a clever turn at each end the can be looped around again and again.

Teahouse Platform Provides a Private and Secure Space

Our brilliant web security expert has created a wonderfully secure and private spot for us all to interact called the Teahouse. This is a forum platform focused on cohort learning and is called Discourse.

View as Frequently as you Wish!

Your activity program is 45 minutes long and during the course  you will receive a new program each week. You can watch your activity programs as many times as you want. Even everyday! If you need to move some energy and get some exercise go ahead! Need to keep the youngsters busy and hopefully tired out? The Monkey course can help you every day!

Personal Support With Weekly Live Coach Meeting

Once a week before each new activity Class is released we will have a 15 minute group live call to check everyone’s progress, give encouragement and acknowledgement, answer questions, and get next week’s homework. Your coach will be River Rudl

Fu Books Rock

Fu Books are really fun. Find out more about the Monkey Fu Book Here.

Enriching Cultural Appreciation

Every Animal teaches folklore and idioms that are relevant to its Virtue lesson and cultural history. The Monkey King is a favorite story and source for movies and plays. In this Monkey Course you will learn all about the Monkey King including his origin, magical powers and more. In addition, you will learn the meaning of the idiom “Three Heads and Six Arms” and its origin in the tales of the Monkey King.

Mandarin Lessons

In addition, there are bonus Mandarin lessons including: a fun introduction to tones in Chinese, and how to say “Monkey”, “Monkey King”, “Clever”, “The Monkey King is Clever”, “Three Heads and Six Arms”, and more taught by Simu Rachel Jensen. Simu holds a master Degree in translation and interpretation from Bath University (in the UK) with years of experience as a professional language instructor. 

Values Based Education

Each Animal teaches a virtue or classic moral quality that helps build character and success in life. By studying virtues you gain skills to succeed in any situation and the ability to pick the right “Animal Power or Virtue” for whatever situation you find yourself in. These lessons are a great way to discuss and learn important life lessons.

More Fun Stuff in the Fu Books!

The “Fu” or “Lucky Fun” Books are a great addition to this class that everyone can enjoy. They include great art and drawings to color, puzzles, mazes and more including tons of pictures of every activity and movement or position with detailed descriptions.

Earning Patches and Building a Track Record of Success and Goal Achievement

At the end of your six week course you will earn an awesome Monkey Patch. These custom patches were carefully designed for the Animal Power Program. You cannot buy the Monkey Patch you must earn it by practicing and showing up for all six weeks. This is a real accomplishment. Especially for kid! Completing The Monkey Course and earning your patch is definitely something you can feel proud of. And maybe even brag about and show off a little!

Hone your Problem Solving Skills with the Monkeys’ Virtue of Cleverness

The Monkey teaches how to solve problems with seven steps. We also use homework and discussion questions to build skills and learn the lessons.

Learn how to turn instantly with the Monkey Turns to face anyone trying to sneak up on you!

Every Animal teaches a Body Mechanic and the Monkey teaches how to turn quickly without loosing your balance or being clumsy. It is a great skill to have and fun to practice!

Learn the unique Monkey Moves and Monkey Leap and then put them together into a great Monkey Form.

The Monkey moves start out easy but interesting and different. Then they start to evolve and test your right left brain coordination and build it. In the end you have a great fast “Monkey Form: with an exciting Monkey Leap in the middle. The Monkey moves are based on the classical combat oriented style of Kung Fu called Xing Yi Quan or Form and Will Boxing.

Fun For the Whole Family!

Animal Power is perfect for the whole family and works best when parents are involved. The best way to do Animal Power is with your child together. Then you both get exercise and can share the fun building great memories in the process. However, Animal Power also works great if parents help out with the Fu Books, reading them to your child, appreciating them, and admiring their progress with lots of encouragement!

“I First learned Kung Fu with my father when I was 15. It was one of the best things we did together and we both had many fond memories of our classes and moments going to and from class together. I love our parent kid teams and Monkey Power is perfect for you!” – Sifu Jensen

You CAN to learn Monkey Fu in the Teahouse Starting June 19th!

A review from one of our Awesome Monkey Students:

“Our daughter attended the Kung Fu Animal Power classes and loved it so much. She looked forward to classes each week. She also could not wait to show her friends her new moves after each class.

She used to attend the Kung Fu lessons at The Lycee Francais de San Francisco. With COVID-19, Rachel and Sifu Jensen moved the classes online.

For each online class weekly, we had a short live session with the Sifu Jensen to talk about the animal in focus.

Jensen provided secured video links to pre-recorded videos for my daughter to follow. The videos were of high quality with Sifu Jensen painstakingly explaining each move.

The set of videos each week starts with a warm-up session. It continues with the new moves to learn for the week. It ends with a 5 minutes meditation video.

There is also a short video each week that teaches a few Chinese words related to the animal studied.

The videos are very well made and well structured.

As parents, we could not have asked for better content. We were impressed with the effort put into the delivery of content.

My daughter completed the training for the Monkey last week. She received a patch by mail and she watched the patch ceremony. She is very proud of herself.

Thank you Rachel and Sifu Jensen!”

More Animals To Come!!!

Your Price includes: Please note the course price includes the Monkey Fu Book, Monkey Patch, shipping these items to you.



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