Qi Gong Classes


Saturday and Sunday: Boyd Park (San Rafael) – 9:00-9:45AM

Yijinjing Qi Gong Practice

In the case of rain on Saturdays, check email for indoor location.

Product Description

The Goal in Qi Gong Classes

Qi Gong means skill and success in cultivating your life force energy or Qi. The goal of these methods is to:

1. Align and Balance the Structure of Your Body.
2. Open and Mobilize Your Joints.
3. Help You Move in a Harmonious Way.
4. Circulate, Cleanse, and Store Your Blood and Qi.
5. Promote Your Inner Balance and Mental Calmness.

Qi Gong Classes are Great for Joint Health

Every joint has an optimal relationship to the the bones and tissues around it. If the bones and joints are properly aligned, movement is strong, balanced, and stress free. When joints are not moved in the best position and alignment, then the joint transfers stress to surrounding ligaments, tendons, and cartilage. Over time, these elements will slowly weaken and become susceptible to sudden injury. This is the case with many knee injuries. The ligaments and cartilage around the knee may have been first weakened gradually over time by poor knee alignment and then suddenly injured during activity.

In addition, joints may develop adhesions or scar tissue that restrict the joints’ movement to safe and pain free patterns. Unfortunately, these restrictions may cause many other problems, like loss of mobility, pinched nerve pain, and reduced blood circulation. Gently opening and stretching the joints and surrounding tissues can restore proper mobility and position. Many shoulder injuries, pains and loss of movement are related to adhesions and scar tissue caused by unresolved injuries or lack of exercise. By using deep breathing and stretching movements we are able to break thru scar tissue and adhesions to restore proper function and mobility.


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