Wu Dang Mountain Sword versus Sword Sparring Form Seminar – Public


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Wu Dang Mountain Sword versus Sword Sparring Form Seminar – Public Price
I learned this form from Sifu Wong Jackman. Sifu Wong taught three sword forms that he stated where from the Wu Dang Sword.

Sifu Wong Jackman taught the two person sword set along with the Tai Chi Sword, Dragon Phoenix Sword and Plum Blossom Straight Sword as a great cohesive sword curriculum.

Two person sword sets are very rare in the world of Chinese martial arts. I have only seen one, or two, others in the last thirty years.

The Sword versus Sword Sparring Form is about 40 moves per side. There are many repetitions of important techniques and many other unique moves. Both sides of the form are rather similar. This makes it easy to learn because each person gets to do almost all the moves. It can be a little difficult to to learn both sides though!

People who are used to seeing sword fights in movies will be surprised by how this form works. The most noticeable thing is that two swords never clash, or touch. In fact there are no blocking techniques in the form what so ever.

Instead, each player uses their footwork and agility to dodge or evade each of their partners cuts and thrusts. Often you will evade at the same time you begin your own counter attack. This forces your opponent to drop their own attack and evade your counter attack.

The whole form can be seen as a series of attacks, evasions and clever counter attacks that follow on after another.   It is really fun!

Learning this form really helps you to understand the sword techniques in any sword form whether it is Tai Chi sword, Wu Dang sword, or any other type of sword form. In particular, it will open your eyes to nature of each of the cuts and how they might be really used.

In this seminar each participant will have the opportunity to complete one side of the form. We will be moving quickly to ensure we complete the form.

Please note sale price is for current students. Non 10,000 Victories students pay public price of $160. Please register in advance so we know how many people are coming. Day of the event add $20 to the prices.



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