Wu De Red Seal Beanie


The Wu De Red Seal Beanie is a snug, form-fitting beanie. Wu De is Martial Virtue the code of Martial artists

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The Wu De Red Seal Beanie is a snug, form-fitting beanie. It’s not only a great head-warming piece but a staple accessory in anyone’s wardrobe. Wu De means “Martial Virtue ” and it is the code of honor and righteous behavior that separates honorable people of good moral character from rascal, thugs, and evil villain’s of all types. Make sure you do not incur the wrath of  Guan Gong the God of War adhere to  code of Wu De. The seal on this hat was carved by a master seal carver deeply immersed in the unique old culture of Taiwan.

Wu De Red Seal Beanie is pretty warm for people in Taiwan most of the year. But out here in the foggy coastal areas, mountaintops, and deep redwood forests a beanie sure helps. Not bad in the urban jungle with a good jacket.

Learn about Wu De “Martial Virtue” in this podcast by Sifu Jensen delivered on Ancient Wisdom Modern Health. During the podcast Sifu Jensen reads the actual text of Guan Gong’s Awakening Sutra and discusses it.

You can also wear Wu De beanie or a Wu De Hat

100% Turbo Acrylic
12″ in length
Unisex style

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