Class Times & Locations

Goldman Plaza
Wed. 12pm to 1pm

San Geronimo Community Center
Noon to 1pm

San Anselmo
Duncan Hall – First Presbyterian
Tuesday & Thursdays
5:30pm to 6:15pm
Ba Gua Zhong  Qi Gong

San Rafael Boyd Park
Sat. & Sun.
9:00 to 9:45 Yi Jin Jing

San Rafael Community Center
5:45 to 6:30 Beginning Qi Gong

Community Center
Noon to 12:45
Beginning QI Gong

Balance Your Mind and Emotions – Build Your Inner Strength – Cultivate Your Vital Energy


Qigong is a form of gentle exercise from China that uses gentle movements, deep breathing, and the principles of traditional Chinese medicine to build your health.  Qigong is practiced daily by millions of people worldwide to recover from injuries, relieve pain, prevent or recover from illness, and live longer.


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Qi Gong Lessons in Taiwan Bamboo Forest with Scott Jensen Screen Shot

Qi Gong Classes

Monday: Robson House (San Anselmo) park – Noon to 1PM

Tuesday and Thursday: Boyd Park (San Rafael) – Noon to 1PM

Wednesday: San Geronimo Community Center (Restorative) – Noon to 1PM

Wednesday: Berkeley at Goldman Plaza Cal Memorial Stadium – Noon to 1PM

Saturday and Sunday: Boyd Park (San Rafael) – 9AM

All classes are in the Yijinjing.

$128 a month.


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Why Study Qi Gong with Sifu Jensen

Scott Jensen recovered from two severe whiplashes and 28 broken bones, including breaking his pelvis in 5 places, and being revived from “Code Blue”. When Jensen awoke every morning in pain, these methods helped him realign his spine, heal his joints and tendons, and live free from pain. An International Gold Medalist in Tai Chi, Scott Jensen is a professional instructor and author with 35+ years of experience in San Francisco, China and Taiwan.

“By intensely studying Qigong from many teachers I gained a deep understanding of the correct theory and practice of Qigong. From my own practice, I gained practical experience healing massive traumas. Helping others has honed my ability to explain and share these wonderful arts. I hope you will take advantage of the resources we are offering to learn Qigong, improve your health and change your life. Thank you for your interest!”

– Scott Jensen

The Goal of Qi Gong

Qi Gong means skill and success in cultivating your life force energy or Qi.

The Benefits of Qigong are:

Have more energy
Feel stronger
Recover from illness
Reduce stress and relax your mind
Eliminate aches and pains – even sciatica

Improve digestion
Sleep better
Improve balance
Improve flexibility and range of motion
Improve blood circulation and reduce blood pressure

Qi Gong for Health DVD – A Guide for New Students

Qi Gong for Health – A Guide for New Students


Get Inspired and Start Healing!

Learn about Qigong, the ancient art of building health and increasing energy from China.

In this beautifully illustrated, easy to follow, book you’ll learn:

What is Qigong?
Different Types of Qigong
Goals of Qigong
Foundation Theories
How to start if your health is weak

Scott Jensen, an international Gold Medalist in Tai Chi, and expert in healing Qigong methods.  Stunning photography and original calligraphy by Rachel Jensen.

54 pages full color 8″ x 10″

Qi Gong Lessons DVD

Simple, Effective Exercises that Build Health and Relieve Pain. Clear Explanations Help the Complete Beginner Succeed.

Join Scott Jensen on location in Taiwan and learn how to improve your health and relieve pain with in two beautiful, 20 minute, “Follow Along” exercise sessions.

“Opening Joints and Relaxing Tendons Qigong” Energize and Align Yourself
“Post Standing Qigong” Gather Qi, Realign Your Body, Balance Your Emotions, Center Your Mind, and Ground Yourself.
“Pre-Birth Circles Qi Gong” Harmonize and Circulate Your Blood and Qi.

Your First Lesson occurs on a stunning mountaintop tea farm in Taiwan.

Your Second Lesson, set on location in a beautiful, tranquil, Taiwanese, Bamboo Forest, shares additional practical instructions for aligning your spine and relieving lumbar and sciatic nerve pain.

Qi Gong Lessons DVD

Qi Gong Lessons DVD


Yi Jin Jing – Muscle Tendon Changing Classic Qi Gong DVD

Yi Jin Jing 易筋經 – Muscle Tendon Classic – Qi Gong – Instructional DVD

Join Shifu Scott Jensen, a foremost leader of the renown Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, as he guides you deep into the heart of Qi Gong and traditional Chinese martial arts.

The 24 exercises of the Muscle Tendon Qi Gong or YiJinJing were created around 1600 years ago by Bodhidharma 達摩, the founder of Chan 禪, or Zen, meditation.

Now, Muscle Tendon Qi Gong is an amazing way to maintain, and improve your health, and recover from illness, or injury. Some exercises stretch, and strengthen the entire body. Others, focus on a specific organ, or meridian (Qi Energy Channel). All provide direct benefits that you can feel.

Join thousands of people, of all ages, who have benefited from these profound exercises!

Yi jin jing - Muscle Tendon Changing Classic Qi Gong Instructional DVD

Yi Jin Jing – Muscle Tendon Changing Classic Qi Gong DVD


Ba Gua Zhang – 8 Diagrams Palm Foundation Drills DVD

The 29 exercises on this program are designed to prepare you to practice the elite martial art known as Ba Gua Zhang, or 8 Diagram Palms.

These exercises are incredibly therapeutic and strengthening for the shoulders, arms, wrists, fingers and spine.  Taking all of these joints through their full ranges of motion we massively improve their strength and flexibility. Heal old injuries, scar tissue and frozen or restricted shoulders.

In addition, you’ll learn how to synergistically connect and sequence the movements of your entire body, greatly increasing the power of your martial arts techniques.

By strengthening your joints and tendons these exercises prevent injuries from grappling, sparring, and intense martial arts practice.  They also improve your escaping skills by dramatically increasing your range of motion.

Ba Gua Zhang Body Conditioning Drills Instructional DVD

Ba Gua Zhang – 8 Diagrams Palm Foundation Drills


Private Lessons

Private Lessons with Sifu Scott Jensen. Develop your qi gong skills one-on-one with Sifu Jensen in Marin County, CA.

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