Our New and Soon to be Super Popular Blog!

Sifu Jensen and Rachel Jensen have prepared a series of over 40 Blog articles for our New and Soon To Be Super Popular BLOG!!

All the posts for our New and Soon To Be Super Popular BLOG! fill Five Themes:

Beginning on August 1st new posts will hit our “New and Soon To Be Super Popular BLOG!” in a veritable meteor shower of media. Then, you can read them, view them, memorize them, learn from them, digest them, and generally enjoy them. We’d also love it, absolutely love it, if you share them! All of our new Blog Posts will contain beautiful photos taken by Rachel Jensen, many will also include beautiful, exciting, and informative videos.

We’ll also publish Health and Training Tips Blog articles.

Posts will publish on this cycle:

Tai Chi Mondays
Xing Yi Tuesdays
Northern Shaolin Wednesdays
Qigong Thursdays
Kung Fu Animal Power Fridays

Here is the first week’s posts:
Monday August 1: “How to Use Your Foot in Tai Chi”
Tuesday August 2: “Five Elements of Xing Yi Quan”
Wednesday August 3: “Rising Block Spear of Northern Shaolin”
Thursday August 4: “Is Qigong Right for Me?”
Friday August 5: “Body Mechanics of Kung Fu Animal Power”

Healthy Every Day

We will also have some “Healthy Every Day” Blog Theme Weeks where we will have a health related post everyday Monday Through Friday, all on the same Health/Medicine/Energy/Training topic. We have three of these themes already written, and loaded, awaiting publication. These posts include several by guest authors who are notable experts in their fields of Chinese and Western Medicine. The three themes all work together to further your understanding of the arts we practice and teach: The Lungs, Qi, and Blood.

“Healthy Every Day” Blog Theme Weeks:
August 8 – 13 “The Breath of Life and Your Lungs” – We’ll post 5 different articles on the Lungs
August 22 – 26 “Qi Learn How to Your Life Force” – We’ll post 5 different articles on the Qi
September 5 – 9 “Build Your Blood” – We’ll post 5 different articles on the Blood

In addition, there will be a variety of bonus posts, including some by our awesome guest authors and experts!

You could help build a thriving community by letting us know what you think! If you have topics you wish we’d write about please let us know. If you like a post please comment or discuss it. If you have further questions about a post, please post your question in the comment area! We’ll do our best to answer!

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