THIS WEEKEND! Fairfax Parade and Ecofest!

Fairfax Parade

THIS WEEKEND! Fairfax Parade and Ecofest (June 9th & 10th)


Your are invited to join us at the annual Fairfax parade! All students, regardless of age, are invited to walk with us and represent the school! This a really fun event that draws people from all around.

After the parade there are many fun activities. Live music on multiple stages, food vendors, flea market, arts and crafts fair, Ecofest (Pavilion); fun kids activities, Wine garden, Beer area, and tons of other happenings. Pretty much the entire town of Fairfax comes out to celebrate.

Participants are encouraged to show off moves they practice. We will be walking at a slow enough pace, that there will be opportunity to demonstrate forms or sections of forms to the crowd.

Walk, carry banners, carry your weapons, unleash a relentless line of kicks. Or, drop into a stance and explode into a flurry of punches and strikes to amaze the crowd. Watch as spectators gasp in awe and grip the bottoms of their seats!

Regardless of how you participate, please come and support your 10,000 Victories community!

After the parade we will have a booth setup on the ball field. All are welcome to join us, relax and staff the booth. The booth will be setup Saturday and Sunday.


Parade Details:


Meet time:9:30am

Parade start time:10:00am

Starting Location:Parking lot, between Good Earth and JavaHut, Fairfax.

Ending Location: Fairfax Police and Fire station


10,000 Victories Visitor Information Booth:

Saturday: After parade > 6:00pm (Fairfax Ball Field)

Sunday: 9:00am > 6:00pm (Fairfax Ball Field)

Link to Fairfax Ball Field map:!4m2!2m1!4b1?sa=X&hl=en-us

Link to GoodEarth Parking Lot!4m2!2m1!4b1?sa=X&hl=en-us


​Leave plenty of time to find parking and and walk to the meeting location in the Good Earth parking lot. The festival is very popular and parking can spill over into neighboring San Anselmo. Also, there is often traffic traveling towards Fairfax. Arrive early to find a reasonably close spot. Sunday is generally less busy.

What to bring

​The weather is likely to be very hot and we will bemarching in open exposure for at least an hour or two. Bring anything you need to stay comfortable. Water, snacks, sunscreen and appropriate clothing (uniform).

All students are required to wear at least a school t-shirt to participate in the parade, full uniform is preferred. Family members of young students may participate without a t-shirt, but we hope and encourage you to wear one.

Currently the 10,000 Victories school KIDS T-shirts are only available in XS, and L in stock. If you would like to order one, please

Adult school T-shirts can be purchased here:

Full Uniform for children are available:

Please kindly RSVP! We hope to see you there!

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