Kung Fu Training Scenes You Don’t Want Beggar Su for your Sifu!

By July 29, 2020Kung Fu, Video
Sifu Scott Jensen in Horse Stance

Training scenes were one of the best parts of old Kung Fu Movies. Lots of old Shaw Brothers and Golden Harvest Movies featured a classic hero’s journey. In a classic heroes journey, the Hero finds a mentor to guide him or her and intiate them into deeper levels of power, self knowledge  and wisdom. So that means Kung Fu training scenes! Here are a few movie Training scenes I have enjoyed:

The Classic of all Classic training scenes from the original Shaolin Temple. This movie and these training scenes caused tens of thousands of Chinese boys to run away from home and go to the Shaolin Temple. This movie launched Jet Li’s career. The Shaolin Temple was largely deserted at this time. There was no actual training going on. Fortunately, I had already found Grandmaster Wong Jackman.

Many of the best Kung Fu movies of all time featured choreography by Yuen Wo Ping or by Lua Kar Leung. These two gentleman and their families and students were the engines driving many of the best films.

This is Jet Li wanting to learn and sneaking a peak:

After he gets a couple of lessons:

Jackie Chan’s Morning Training Plan:

Jackie Chan versus Balls!

Jackie Chan is regretting this training plan big time!:

Jackie learning the Snake Fist in his breakout movie Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow.

Love Jackie’s Horse stance training at the start of this montage. My Teacher Zhang Hua Sen endured this in real life.

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