Ancient Art Programs Update

New Lineage Arts Paths Coming Soon!!!

Currently in Production are New Paths and Comprehensive Courses:

Next! – Earth Dragon Staff From Northern Shaolin! The first program in the Northern Shaolin Comprehensive Course will soon be released.

Qi Gong Comprehensive Course for Healing, Longevity, and Joyful Spontaneity with another amazing library of lessons curated into separate courses for each of these famous methods:

  • Relaxing Tendons, Floating Bones Qigong
  • Post Standing Qigong
  • Pre Birth Qigong
  • Swimming Dragon Qigong
  • Five Elements Qigong
  • Yin Yang Acupoint Stimulating Qigong
  • Eight Diagrams Circle Walking Qigong
  • Muscle Tendon Changing Qigong – Yi Jin Jing

Rising Block Spear From Northern Shaolin. The second program in the Northern Shaolin Comprehensive Course. Many more to follow soon after!

Xing Yi Quan lovers may also rejoice! The Xing Yi Quan Comprehensive Course will also be developed in parallel with the releases of the Qi Gong Comprehensive Course and the Northern Shaolin Comprehensive Course.

Date of Announcement: 8/30/22

Philosophy and Lore lessons are now up to 30 lessons! These lessons have been organized into your weekly lessons. Check your weekly lessons, or access at the following areas.

Push Hands lessons are now expanded to 45! Woohoo! See lessons follow below links.