San Anselmo
Duncan Hall – First Presbyterian
Tuesday & Thursday
6:15pm to 7pm Animal Power
7pm to 7:45pm Sparring & Self-defense
7:45 to 8:30 Hand & Weapon Forms

San Rafael
Boyd Park
Saturday & Sunday 10:30 to Noon
Sparring & Self-defense
Hand & Weapon Forms

Northern Shaolin turns ordinary people into Powerful Athletes and Heroes.

Northern Shaolin embodies the wisdom and skills of 800 years of testing and evolution. Northern Shaolin can be learned by anyone willing to practice. Famous for its high kicks, bold leaps, low sweeps, long stances, powerful iron palm, and joint locking, Northern Shaolin is dynamic to practice, beautiful, and exciting to watch. You will feel heroic and strong when you practice. By learning practical self defense with regular partner practice you will become confident and fearless.

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Northern Shaolin Reaps Awesome Health Benefits

The deep stretching and open poses of Northern Shaolin Kung Fu help to open, clear and cleanse the meridians, or energy pathways, in your body.

Northern Shaolin Kung Fu is also a structured system of movement that improves your posture, balance and coordination. Good posture help prevents many health problems with the spine and joints. When you master Northern Shaolin you will become both mentally and physically well balanced and graceful.

In addition, you will age gracefully and retain an active healthy life until extreme old age.

If you have a good teacher, and pay attention, the movements will not injure your joints, but also actually help to heal and rehabilitate them so you recover from injuries.

Northern Shaolin is complex and subtle art that retains a pure essence of structured movement and posture. A skillful practitioner exudes a calm flowing poise coupled with a vigorous spirit that is punctuated by explosive displays of power and athleticism.

Cultivate Your Personal Spiritual Journey

The spiritual values of Northern Shaolin Kung Fu are deep. The Shaolin Temple is the birthplace of Chan Buddhism known in the west by its Japanese name, Zen. Zen teaches you to quiet the mind and achieve direct insight into the nature of reality and the mind.  Zen or Chan can be cultivated in many types of activities including art, sitting, chanting or in Kung Fu practice.  Northern Shaolin Kung Fu is a great medium for practicing meditation because the forms require total concentration to perform correctly.  When the mind becomes highly focused the normal internal discourse of thoughts slows and quiets.  With practice you will enter a deep state of awareness of yourself and connection to your surroundings as your mind focuses and calms down.  It is one thing to calm your mind while sitting quietly. It is quite another to calm your mind while jumping and leaping about swinging a heavy spear or training with an armed partner.  Or to calm your mind when you are tired and sore but still active. This makes your mind stronger and braver as well as calmer and more focused.

Courage is a desirable trait in spiritual disciplines and martial arts is an excellent way to develop courage.  Courage is important because it takes courage to make good choices in difficult situations.  If you are courageous and show no fear, even if you are afraid, a potential attacker will often hesitate, or back down.  Thus a fight in which at least one person would have been injured can be avoided. Courage combined with compassion allows us to make good choices in our lives.

The very movements of Northern Shaolin Kung Fu are also designed in harmony with Chinese medicine and Indian Yoga. Tamo or Bodhidharma, the founder of the Shaolin Kung fu tradition began as a warrior prince in India who then mastered Buddhism and moved to China to spread the teachings and insight of Buddha. Tamo certainly knew Indian Yoga methods and created new methods suited to the monks at the Shaolin temple. These were then combined with the martial arts they already knew to create something new.  Thus the origin of the postures is connected to yoga. Yoga is used in to prepare people for meditation.  In particular the poses are designed to open the energy pathways of the body and force the blood and energy into the psychic centers of the body to awaken the psychic powers.  Northern Shaolin still has recognizable connections to yoga especially in the form of the Bow stance which is very close the warrior pose in yoga.  The Bow stance is one of the main stances and is combined with many different arm positions and movements.  When you practice Northern Shaolin your vigorous movement through the poses certainly pumps the blood and energy thru these pathways.