Ancient Lineage Arts Transform Lives!


Ancient Lineage Arts are Famous Classical Martial and Healing Arts, that have been passed down for centuries.

Transform your life through strengthening body, balancing mind, and cultivating spirit.

Join us and enter the amazing world of Tai Chi, Q Gong, Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, Xing Yi & Ba Gua. Feel and Look Fantastic as You Improve Every Week!

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Being and Moving in the World!

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About Us

10,000 Victories is a school that teaches Ancient Lineage Arts for life transformation. Guided by highest skilled and caring instructors, you will learn many of the rare and empowering Arts such as Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, Xing Yi Quan, Lan Shou Quan, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong with a warm and dedicated community.

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About Sifu Jensen

Founder and Chief Instructor, Sifu Scott Jensen, is an International Gold Medal achieving martial artist and a professional teacher with over 40 years of experience. Seeking out and studying with many of the world’s most renowned masters of the previous generation, and dedicating his life to practicing the arts they taught—Sifu Jensen has achieved an expert level of skill. He has also developed a deep and clear understanding of these Ancient Art’s healing powers and wonders. Sifu Jensen used these ancient techniques to heal from a broken pelvis and a horrific massive whiplash from two severe car accidents. Sifu Jensen uses his knowledge and experience to help students heal and transform their lives.

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Ancient Lineage Arts

Ancient Lineage Arts are classical martial arts that have been transforming the lives of their practitioners for centuries.

Their teaching is a complete system to build and heal your body, balance your mind and elevate your spirit.

These arts teach you how to build your outer physique and grow your inner strength. They promote clear thinking. These nurturing arts develop moral courage and pave the path to a happier and fulfilling life.

Join us on the journey that turns your life into an adventure of transformation and growth as you learn and practice!

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Root Your Center, Have Fun!

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