About 10,000 Victories

10,000 Victories School teaches Martial and Healing Arts for life transformation. 10,000 Victories teaches Ancient Lineage Martial Arts that can benefit your life by helping you to be healthier, stronger, and more balanced. In Chinese language, the name “10,000 Victories” has the connotation of “Infinite Victories”. At 10,000 Victories School, these victories refer to health and well being, martial ability to protect oneself and others, and a balanced and moral heart capable of helping those around you.

The Ancient Lineage Arts taught at 10,000 Victories are martial and healing arts that have been passed down through the generations, for hundreds of years. The arts taught at 10,000 Victories include Northern Shaolin, Xing Yi Quan, Lan Shou Quan, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong.

The Classical Combat Oriented Martial Arts taught at 10,000 Victories train real martial and fighting ability. While you may not be engaging in deadly hand and weapon combat every day, training in these Classical Combat Oriented Martial Arts can help you to be grounded, centered, and prepared for every situation you encounter in daily life.

Healing is a profound benefit that comes from practicing these arts. Many people come to 10,000 Victories in ill health. People come who want to be healthier, stronger, and get more exercise, as well as those experiencing illness and rehabilitating injuries. People have come to 10,000 Victories with severe arthritis, broken hips and bones, chronic fatigue, and many other ailments. Assisted by a gradual process of practicing these arts and healing, many were able to make profound recoveries. Some gained better health than before their illness or injury. The Ancient Lineage Arts taught at 10,000 Victories are in alignment with the principles of healing found in Chinese Medicine. They can help you to heal and strengthen your body and calm your mind.

10,000 Victories School’s professional level of instruction helps you realize the full benefits of these arts. Sifu Scott Jensen is the Founder and Head Instructor of the 10,000 Victories School. Sifu Scott Jensen’s expertise comes from a lifetime of dedicated practice. He sought out and learned from some of the most skillful and respected teachers in each art. Sifu Scott Jensen also understands the healing potential of these arts because of his own experience of using them to heal from serious, near-fatal injuries. Understanding this process of healing, he is able to guide people in using these arts to heal from illness and injury. Sifu Jensen is a full time, professional instructor teaching thousands of students over his 40-year teaching career.

10,000 Victories is a school that values kindness and community as much as it does dedicated practice of martial arts. We hope that you will come and join us and explore the many wonderful benefits these arts offer!

About Sifu Scott Jensen

Sifu Scott Jensen has lived his life deeply immersed in, and dedicated to, practicing and teaching Traditional Chinese Martial and Healing Arts. Beginning his studies in his teenage years in the Bay Area, he learned from some of the greatest masters and teachers of the previous generation. Grandmaster Wong Jackman was Sifu Jensen’s primary teacher for 25 years. From Grandmaster Wong Jackman, he learned Northern Shaolin, Lohan, Xing Yi Quan, and Tai Chi Chuan directly.

Sifu Jensen has traveled in the United States, China, and Taiwan to learn from the most respected and skilled martial artists. Sifu Scott Jensen has learned the arts of Tai Chi Chuan, Xing Yi Quan, Ba Gua Zhang, and Lan Shou Quan with the most famous lineage masters in each style. These experiences, combined with relentless practice, and professional teaching, have enabled Jensen to achieve clear understanding and demonstrable skill in each of these classical combat oriented Chinese martial arts.

In his lifetime, Sifu Scott Jensen has used these arts to heal from many serious injuries resulting from two major car crashes, including a shattered pelvis and whip lashed spine. He has also competed in competitions and won many local, state, and national tournaments. Jensen also demonstrated his mastery by winning the Gold Medal in Yang Family Tai Chi at the Tai Chi World Championships at Wudang Mountain (the legendary birthplace of Tai Chi)  in China in 2011.

Sifu Jensen has been teaching these arts for over 40 years. He has had three schools teaching traditional martial arts in the SF Bay Area, the most recent being 10,000 Victories School in San Rafael, CA. In 2018, 10,000 Victories graduated nine Northern Shaolin Black Sash Students, marking the passing of the lineage down to the next generation. The presence and blessing of the School’s Grandmaster, Grandmaster Wong Jackman made the event all the more meaningful to those involved.

Sifu Scott Jensen is committed to benefiting the public by preserving, teaching and sharing the martial art lineages he has inherited, and ensuring these important legacies are not lost to future generations.

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Simu Rachel Jensen

Simu Rachel Jensen is Sifu Jensen’s wife. Rachel was born in Taiwan and grew up in the city of Tainan. Tainan is the oldest city in Taiwan and its former capital. Tainan is also the cultural and religious center of Taiwan. People from all parts of Taiwan fondly make day trips to Tainan for the tasty snacks, old culture, and temples. Taiwan is still steeped in the traditional culture and religions of traditional China. This gives Taiwan a unique feel, both modern and ancient at once.

Growing up Rachel was immersed in this world and learned brush calligraphy as a child. However, Rachel has her own bold spirit and dreams, and her eyes were fixed on the west and exploring the world. Rachel showed early aptitude for language studies and studied English.

Refusing the marriages her parents arranged, Rachel saved her money and traveled to England on her own to complete a master’s degree in English / Chinese translation and oral interpretation. Rachel is an expert and trained translator / interpreter, and language instructor. Rachel’s language skills and pluckiness soon had her visit many countries and experience many cultures. She’s “collected” 17 countries so far.

Rachel’s language skills and translation abilities have been a great help in many situations involving Chinese martial arts, medicine, and cultural research.

It is ironic that our Simu Rachel married Sifu Jensen because she had been a lifelong hater of exercise. So, she marries someone who exercises all day, every day.

At first, Rachel had no personal interest in the arts but enjoyed everyone in class and the community of students. As she saw how people loved their studies and how profoundly they benefited, she became committed to improving her own fitness, and more deeply exploring the arts of her own culture.

Now she has become proficient in Tai Chi, Tai Chi Sword, and Wudang Sword. Teaching her own classes, Rachel has become a true teacher and Simu.
Photography is a passion that developed slowly as Rachel learned how to take pictures for our publications and website. Now, Rachel expresses her own creativity and vision with photography.

Thank you for all the wonderful photos, videos, and book designs! As a Taiwanese native, Rachel values traditional culture, even the martial arts! Rachel’s commitment to help the 10,000 Victories School achieve its mission of researching and preserving the traditional arts we teach is amazing. We thank her for everything!

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