Simu Jensen – (Yu-Shuan Chen – 陳昱璇) – Simu Jensen and Sifu Jensen’s wife.

Simu Rachel Jensen

Rachel Concludes a performance of Immortal Yang Sword.

Rachel is a Taiwanese native was raised in Tainan, in southern Taiwan. Tainan is the old capital and original port of Taiwan, and is the cultural and religious center of Taiwan. Steeped in Taiwan’s unique traditional culture, Rachel learned traditional calligraphy from an early age. Rachel’s beautiful calligraphy gracefully combines free flowing artistry and committed intensity to create powerful centered images. Since moving to the USA, Rachel’s natural eye for photography has been inspired by the beautiful scenery of Marin County and San Francisco. Photography is a passion that developed slowly as Rachel learned how to take pictures for our publications and website. Now, Rachel expresses her own creativity and vision with photography.

Rachel is an expert and trained translator / interpreter, and language instructor. She holds an MA in Interpretation and Translation from the University of Bath in the UK. Rachel’s language skills and translation abilities have been a great help in many situations involving Chinese martial arts, medicine, and cultural research.

As a Taiwanese native, Rachel values traditional culture, even the martial arts! Rachel is committed to help the 10,000 Victories School achieve its mission of researching and preserving the classical arts we teach.