Tai Chi’s Combat experts study Boxing or Striking, Grappling, and Self-defense Techniques. Learn safely at your own pace with a friend and coaching from well-known trainer and International Gold Medalist Scott Jensen. Our dodging, footwork, and punching drills, sparring games, strategy lessons, and sample sparring sessions are designed to show you the ropes of safe practice. Push hands lessons teach the standing grappling skills Tai Chi is famous for in clear lessons. Train yourself in all the self-defense applications of the 41 techniques in the Tai Chi Form with detailed lessons, demonstrations, and skillful tips. Acquire the practical Tai Chi boxing, pushing hands, and self-defense skills with Scott Jensen, leader of the award winning 10,000 Victories Team. Start your training today!  

Tai Chi has some very practical self-defense skills. These do take extra training, but the good news is once you find a partner that you’d like to practice with, we have months of Tai Chi self-defense sparring drills that you can practice that will systematically develop your skills.

We have exercises on footwork and learning how to control the distance between you and your partner. We have exercises on dodging and becoming very skillful at evading the opponent’s attacks. We have lessons on how to strike powerfully with both the palm and the fist using bags and targets to train and develop your power. And then we have a whole series of sparring games that help you to gradually integrate these skills and learn how to play freestyle with your friend and training partner and gain some real skills. In addition to this, we’ll also teach you the classical Tai Chi skills of pushing hands which develops your sensitivity and your ability to avoid being pushed or pulled, or knocked down and to be able to find your opponent’s center of balance easily and cause them to be off-balanced and fall down.

32 Week Classical Combat Tai Chi Course

• Learn the self-defense aspects of the Tai Chi Chuan with an emphasis on striking and evasion skills for sparring and self-defense technique practice.
• Learn how to throw powerful, accurate punches without hurting your hands by hitting bags and targets
• Practice and master dodging skills with a unique system of dodging exercises and drills
• Practice and master footwork and stepping to control distance and timing
• Grow your Sparring Skills Systematically with Great Sparring Games and Drills
• Deepen your understanding of every movement in the Tai Chi Form
• Build Courage and Confidence – “Real Skills = Real Confidence”
• Learn Pushing Hands and take your skills of Tai Chi techniques to a new level
• Detailed lessons in the self-defense application of each of the 41 different techniques in the Tai Chi Form

When you decide to join this course, you are joining a community and a tradition of vibrant practice and living knowledge drawn from the most famous ancient lineages of Tai Chi Chuan. These authentic skills are in fact, quite rare and incredibly valuable. We hope you can join us. Your participation and support is how these arts live and how we each live better.

Everyone can learn Tai Chi. Since our courses are essentially self-paced you can learn at whatever pace suits you and access all of the incredible lessons in the library the first day. Our courses are clearly arranged by week have beautiful easy to read thumbnails to make your life easier. Our robust platform gives you a streaming functionality similar to Netflix on all of your devices.

We are delighted to offer a 7 Day free trial. You have nothing to lose to give it a try. If you decide Tai Chi isn’t your thing after all. No worries. If you do love Tai Chi or think you might and want to give it a try the 10,000 Victories Training Online is a fantastic choice! You can access the entire library and get support.

The best of all, you get to win your victory of natural health, vitality, harmony, and happiness in your life. Give it a try today!

Sifu Jensen’s program sets itself apart not only by being connected to some of the very best instructors who were around in China in the 90’s, but by his willingness to share the wisdom tradition of the Chinese martial arts within the video format. This is potent medicine for mind, body and spirit, Jing Qi and Shen.

The breadth and depth of Jensen’s knowledge is, on examination, staggering bordering on the achievement of a savant, and he doesn’t brag about it. I have never met the man in person, and he has done enough for my education of the true nature of the martial arts to rival any of my traditional teachers in Karate.

If you are considering this program, from my view you might decide to buy it for two reasons. 1: the purity and also depth of the lineage of teachings here on offer. 2: a valid approach to the inner wisdom of the martial art, missing from most or reduced in proportion to the (quite) toxic pretense of people without cultural foundation playing the game of oriental enlightenment. This alone can offer the truest benefit of martial arts to mind and heart. There’s nothing like it out there, because Jensen has no rivals in the streaming market to offer the same qualities.
In short: practice here. Good Luck!

-Ben VanderJack

I am a student of Northern Shaolin and Yang Tai Chi in the Pacific Northwest, and I had been looking for an online program to supplement my class instruction. Sifu Jensen’s Online Tai Chi Academy far exceeded my expectations.

Sifu Jensen has a wealth of knowledge of the Yang form, its connections to philosophy and Chinese medicine, and the full Yang martial curriculum of push hands and Applications. This is by far the best online Tai Chi program I have yet found, and I look forward to his future offerings in Northern Shaolin and Xingyi! 

-Kent Kreiselmaier