Foundation Tai Chi Path

Our Foundation Path is designed for normal people who will learn and progress at a reasonable and comfortable pace. This path focuses on building health and happiness with clear easy to follow lessons. In this path you learn the classic Tai Chi Long Form taught by lineage Grandmaster Wong Jackman. This course includes many wonderful topics in addition to clear and easy to follow lessons for every single movement. Additional series of lessons include Core Concepts, Philosophy and Lore, Getting Results and Health Benefits, Foundation Stances, and Training Tips. All of these lessons expand the art, culture, and depth of Tai Chi far beyond the movements.

• The Perfect Place to Begin Your Tai Chi Journey
• Build your Health and Relax by Playing the Tai Chi Movements
• Easy to Follow course for Beginning students moving at a typical, pleasant pace
• Build a solid foundation with clear expert instruction – Great for beginners
• Immediately experience health benefits and build Energy, Strength, Balance, and Relaxation
• Dive Deep into the actual methods of achieving the Health Benefits of Tai Chi for Motivation
• Learn the Lore and Philosophy of Tai Chi in enjoyable lessons

32-Week Foundation Course

Weekly lessons designed to help you easily learn and build a strong foundation of Tai Chi. Weekly lesson plans include:

  • Tai Chi form movements with clear instructions and demonstrations
  • Follow along lessons
  • Body method, move correctly and efficiently
  • How to achieve health benefits using Tai Chi
  • Philosophy, history and lore of Tai Chi

When you decide to join this course, you are joining a community and a tradition of vibrant practice and living knowledge drawn from the most famous ancient lineages of Tai Chi Chuan. These authentic skills are in fact, quite rare and incredibly valuable. We hope you can join us. Your participation and support is how these arts live and how we each live better.

Everyone can learn Tai Chi. Since our courses are essentially self-paced you can learn at whatever pace suits you and access all of the incredible lessons in the library the first day. Our courses are clearly arranged by week have beautiful easy to read thumbnails to make your life easier. Our robust platform gives you a streaming functionality similar to Netflix on all of your devices.

We are delighted to offer a 7 Day free trial. You have nothing to lose to give it a try. If you decide Tai Chi isn’t your thing after all. No worries. If you do love Tai Chi or think you might and want to give it a try the 10,000 Victories Training Online is a fantastic choice! You can access the entire library and get support.

The best of all, you get to win your victory of natural health, vitality, harmony, and happiness in your life. Give it a try today!

I started Tai Chi practice in order to fortify my body and to improve my breathing, and I was specially looking for standing exercises to strengthen my feet and legs. I also wanted to work on my will power, and test my stamina. I chose Tai Chi because I was inspired by its choreography, and because it is a unique and meaningful way to work on body and mind.

I deeply benefited from Sifu Jensen’s outstanding technical knowledge, dedication, kindness and patience, and I would recommend studying with him for the richness, comprehensiveness and sophistication of his program.

Being part of the 10 000 Victories community helped me stay motivated and focused. The result far exceeded my expectations, because I learned how to correct my posture during practice, but also in everyday life, and I feel much stronger physically and mentally!

-Pascale Hery

Tai Chi nourishes my mind, body and spirit. It gives me a sense of balance and harmony.

Sifu is part of an unbroken tradition and lineage of N Shaolin martial arts. For 40 years he has devoted himself to rigorous study both in US and Asia. He has entered many tournaments, won countless awards, and proven himself a Master of many styles of Martial Arts. He has been a leader in the Bay Area MA community for many years.

Sifu has wide range and depth of knowledge, and mastery of many skills, and still approaches Martial Arts with a spirit of humility and giving. He is genuinely interested in the welfare and progress of each of his students.

Tai Chi has given me focus, strength, and balance. It improves my posture, confidence, and self esteem.

I’ve taken many Tai Chi and martial arts classes over the years and I cannot say enough good things about Sifu Jensen and the 10,000 Victories school. They are the real deal.

-John Granatir