Tai Chi Sword Path

Tai Chi Sword makes up our fifth and possibly the most awesome course. In the Tai Chi Sword Path, you will learn the 46 Style Tai Chi Sword. This is a magnificent lineage Tai Chi Sword form filled with a complete repertoire of classical fencing techniques. These lessons are beautiful and cinematic with clear demonstrations and easy to follow instructions. Tai Chi Sword is incredibly fun to practice and almost everyone loves holding a sword! Having permission to wave your own sword around and flow with the graceful fluid power of Tai Chi is amazing. Inspire your inner victorious champion to arise. For the adventurous student you can even start with Tai Chi Sword although most people prefer to learn the Tai Chi Form first.

• Level Up your Tai Chi with Tai Chi Sword
• Learn 46 Style Tai Chi Sword a Stunningly Beautiful Tai Chi Sword Routine
• Interesting and Different – Tai Chi Sword is Heroic but Safe!
• Stances and balance moves to improve your balance and build your strength
• Learn the Ancient Lineage Lore of the Sword symbolized by the Dragon
• Expressive and Playful yet, Elegant and Poised
• Fantastic for Performance and Athletic Artistic Expression
• Great way to exercise – Fun and Rewarding

14 Week Tai Chi Sword Course

Weekly lessons designed to help you easily learn and build your balance and expand your awareness with the practice of Tai Chi Sword. Tai Chi Sword is beautiful and super fun to practice and learn. Weekly lesson plans include:
  • Tai Chi Sword movements instructions
  • Foundation Stances
  • Lore of the Sword
  • Tai Chi Sword names packed with cultural and historic references
  • Follow alongs

When you decide to join this course, you are joining a community and a tradition of vibrant practice and living knowledge drawn from the most famous ancient lineages of Tai Chi Chuan. These authentic skills are in fact, quite rare and incredibly valuable. We hope you can join us. Your participation and support is how these arts live and how we each live better.

Everyone can learn Tai Chi. Since our courses are essentially self-paced you can learn at whatever pace suits you and access all of the incredible lessons in the library the first day. Our courses are clearly arranged by week have beautiful easy to read thumbnails to make your life easier. Our robust platform gives you a streaming functionality similar to Netflix on all of your devices.

We are delighted to offer a 7 Day free trial. You have nothing to lose to give it a try. If you decide Tai Chi isn’t your thing after all. No worries. If you do love Tai Chi or think you might and want to give it a try the 10,000 Victories Training Online is a fantastic choice! You can access the entire library and get support.The best of all, you get to win your victory of natural health, vitality, harmony, and happiness in your life. Give it a try today!

From working with Sifu and within 10000 Victories I have gained friendships and a welcoming sense of belonging. All ages are welcome; everyone has something to contribute and to learn. There is a camaraderie among people who share an interest of working toward something better within ourselves. 10000 Victories is more than Tai Chi; it is a venue for all styles of Kung Fu. And there is far more to learn about Tai Chi than what is commonly envisioned. For example, I have broadened my interests to Tai Chi Sword forms.  Highly rewarding and fun!

Learning a form of exercise that can be done, in whole or in part, anywhere (indoors, outdoors, standing in line, on an airplane) has enormous practical benefits.  Learning Tai Chi from Sifu Jensen is its own reward: He imparts the skills and moves and knowledge and you reap the benefits of a healthier body. 

-Carol Mirenda

I have over 35 years in Federal service, starting with Peace Corps and currently working with Medicare.

I learned Tai Chi from over 25 years ago and wanted to re-start and advance my practice. Restarting with Sifu Scott Jensen learning Tai Chi & Tai Chi Sword was awesome. It really all comes back! It has been great for building my strength, balance, flexibility and relieving stress and foot, leg, hip, back & neck pain. I was looking for more advanced Tai Chi lessons and found them at 10,000 Victories.  At 10,000 Victories we study both the Tai Chi & Tai Chi Sword form. (The 46 style Tai Chi sword from the Chen Pan Ling Lineage of Tai Chi.) The Tai Chi Sword form has a complete set of classical sword techniques. There are very few repetitions so the form is full of unique movements. This makes it exciting and fun to learn and practice.  Restarting my Tai Chi studies with Sifu Scott Jensen at 10,000 Victories has been like finding the fountain of youth, who knew it was here this whole time.  

– Peter Bauer