The Secrets of Tai Chi Pushing Hands: A Transformative Seminar

Join international Tai Chi champion Scott Jensen for an immersive exploration of Pushing Hands – the partner practice that embodies the art of using your opponent’s force against them with skillful and playful techniques.

Date: May 26, June 30, July 28, August 18, September 29, October 27, November 10, December 8

Time: 10:00 AM – 12 PM
Location: Gerstle Park, San Rafael – Old tennis courts behind redwood grove

Tai Chi Push Hands Seminar 10:00am-12:00pm

May 26th Seminar: Push Variations and Push Defenses

Since a good push can project people far away or knock them down it is a wonderful skill for self-defense and one of the primary techniques of pushing hands practice. In this seminar you will learn how to defend against being pushed using skillful techniques embodying the Tai Chi principle of using the opponent’s strength against them. A skillful push hands practitioner is said to be able to deflect a thousand pounds of force with only four ounces of pressure. This practice will help everyone feel incredibly more capable of defending themselves against being pushed and will also help you to understand the details of how to practice the push in solo Tai Chi form regardless of style.

June 30 Seminar: Ward Off

7 Applications developing Practical Skills – the Ward Off technique is the primary defensive gesture of raising your hand to protect yourself. The moment your hand contacts the opponent’s hand and your arms are touching is the first moment of contact. How this first moment of contact is resolved in your favor with a combination of understanding body alignment, angles, weight shifting, waist turning, shoulder movement and body coiling is critical to seizing victory.

July 28 Seminar: Roll Back Variations Developing Practical Skills

Roll Back is one of the most important techniques in Tai Chi and mastering the Roll Back is a core Tai Chi Pushing Hands and Tai Chi Self-defense skill.

August 18 Seminar: Brush Knee Push Hand Technique

Using single and double steps for advancing and for neutralizing. Develop the advancing steps and trapping footwork skills. 

September 29 Seminar: Mastering Tsai or Pull Down and Pull variations and counters

The pull is one of the most important techniques in Tai Chi Push Hands and is a natural counter to the push. Being grabbed and pulled is a common beginning to an assault. Learning how to quickly and skillful defeat being grabbed and pulled immediately builds practical self-defense skills and real confidence.

October 27 Seminar: Apparently Closed and Fan Through Back Techniques and Counters

Can be used to counter one another and are important parts of a good push hands skill set. Fan Through back uses seizing and lift the elbow to create an opening for either a strike or push. Apparently Closed is a great counter to any technique that opens with an elbow seizing technique. Apparently Closed can also be used to change directions and sides in push hands dual hand pushing and as an opening to other pushes or strikes.

November 10 Seminar: Slant or Diagonal Flying Technique and Counters

Slant or Diagonal Flying is a great off balancing or throwing skill. As a beautiful movement in the Tai Chi Form Diagonal Flying also has great applications in self-defense.

December 8 Seminar: Understanding the Rules of Engagement in Tai Chi Pushing Hands Events

Learn about the rules of pushing hands events and how to play the game of push hands. We’ll have plenty of friendly help and clear instruction for newcomers. Prepare for future push hands tournament events and friendly encounters by learning how to play the game of push hands and build practical standing grappling skills. More details will be forthcoming.

Come join us for a fun morning of Tai Chi Push Hands!!!! More Details to Come! See registration links below!

Scott Jensen – Your Instructor

Under the guidance of Sifu Scott Jensen, a International Gold Medalist at the 2011 Wudang Mountain World Internal Marial Arts Championships and veteran master instructor, you’ll gain invaluable insights from his training across renowned lineages with grandmasters like Wong Jackman, Peter Ralston, Yang Zhen Duo, Zhang Hua Sen, Liu Wan Fu, and Chen Xiao Wang. He seamlessly integrates complementary grappling techniques and joint locking principles from Xing Yi Quan, Ba Gua Zhang, and Northern Shaolin, fully informing the practice of Pushing Hands and pragmatic Tai Chi self-defense.

With decades of experience teaching new and advanced students alike, Jensen offers a well-developed curriculum and clear training path to help you start strong or excel further.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to elevate your Tai Chi practice and unlock the transformative art of Pushing Hands.

Cost: $80

$60 discount rate for currently enrolled students

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