Why Kung Fu is the Best Martial Art

Kung Fu Fitness Benefits

Kung Fu builds ultimate athletes with high levels of conditioning.

If you are out of shape, we will get you in shape safely.

If you are in shape, we will take you to the next level. We will help you balance your body from the left to the right, top to the bottom, and inside and out.

If you are a top level athlete, we will build incredible synergy and deep core level connections while perfecting your physique.

Kung Fu Fitness benefits include:

  • Strength training for your whole body
  • Flexibility training for your whole body
  • Balance
  • Coordination, mental focus, and expanded awareness
  • Build and revitalize your Blood
  • Cultivate and store your Qi or Vital Energy
  • Strengthen your Internal Organs

Traditional Kung Fu Training Withstands the Test of Time

The training methods of Traditional Chinese Kung Fu are not new. They are not recent trends or fads. These methods have been tested over a period spanning centuries and are successful every time. They are also balanced and truly healthy. Any exercises or methods that created imbalances or lead to subtle injuries or illnesses were eliminated a long time ago. If you do the work, you will get the results. The results of training with traditional Chinese methods are fantastic and long lasting.

Kung Fu Is Deeply Connected to Chinese Medicine

The techniques of Kung Fu conditioning harmonize with a deep knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Kung Fu conditioning builds your blood. It also circulates and accumulates your Qi or vital energy. When you build the blood, cultivate the Qi, and tone the internal organs, a robust and unshakeable level of health ensues. This explains the amazing physical ability and extreme longevity of Kung Fu masters.

Grandmaster Wong Jackman never missed class due to illness in 40 years of teaching. He claims to never have had a cold and none of his students can remember seeing him with one. At 65, he is full of strength, looks great, and easily performs complex Kung Fu forms with grace and power.

At 74, Grandmaster Liu Wan Fu could perform feats of flexibility rarely matched by yoga teachers in their 20s or 30s. He could take powerful blows to any part of his body including the groin and throat.

In his seventies, Grandmaster Liang Ke Quan could shake full size trees with a single blow of his shoulder and walk for miles without slowing.

Learn Kung Fu and Better Your Life

All of these men have pleasant personalities and treat other people with kindness. They have close families, friends, and students that love them. That is real Kung Fu far beyond fighting. Kung Fu is an art of living in harmony with yourself, with others, and with the world. This is inner peace and inner balance.

Are you this healthy? Are you this healthy in your 20s or 30s? Do you know anyone this healthy? No matter how much money you have, if you are in pain and suffering illness, it is hard to be happy and enjoy life. No one can give health and happiness to you. Money cannot buy it. If you want it, with persistence and determination you can achieve it. A teacher who has gone before you can point the way. But you must do the work. The first step is the most important!

Begin today! Learn Kung Fu and change your life one step at a time.

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I´ve gained much from studying with Sifu Scott Jensen over the years. He has an extensive knowledge of numerous martial art forms, as well as a deep understanding of body mechanics and internal energetics. I can recommend Sifu Jensen´s classes to anyone looking for a supportive, knowledgeable place to build your strength and flexibility to deepen self-awareness.

Lucy Morris

Having survived a number of serious injuries, Sifu Jensen has an excellent understanding of many maladies and how to overcome them, including herbal, body work and exercise approaches.

Robert Alexander