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When you decide to join this course, you are joining a community and a tradition of vibrant practice and living knowledge drawn from the most famous ancient lineages of Tai Chi Chuan. These authentic skills are in fact quite rare and incredibly valuable. We hope you can join us. Your participation and support is how these arts live and how we each live better.

Everyone can learn Tai Chi. Since our courses are essentially self-paced you can learn at whatever pace suits you and access all of the incredible lessons in the library the first day. Our courses are clearly arranged by week have beautiful easy to read thumbnails to make your life easier. Our robust platform gives you a streaming functionality similar to Netflix on all of your devices.

We are delighted to offer a 7 Day free trial. You have nothing to lose to give it a try. If you decide Tai Chi isn’t your thing after all. No worries. If you do love Tai Chi or think you might and want to give it a try the 10,000 Victories Online Training Academy is a fantastic choice.

Monthly subscription $48, get direct access to Sifu Jensen for support. You can access the entire library and get support each month in the forum. The best of all, you get to win your victory of natural health, vitality, harmony, and happiness in your life.

If you are concerned about auto renews, you have the option to gift yourself subscriptions for any number of months you choose. You can also easily cancel your subscription when you want to. You have total control!

It’s all gain, no pain. Join our magnificent practice!

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Sample Lesson: Wang Jackman Lineage Tai Chi Form

Sample Lesson: Tai Chi Self-Defense 41 Techniques

Sample Lesson: Linear Technique Drills

Sample Lesson: Philosophy and Lore of Tai Chi

Sample Lesson: Chen Pan Ling Lineage Tai Chi Sword

Recommendation: Body, Mind and Spirit

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“I was guided to meet Sifu Jensen from my chiropractor who said:” With your injuries the only way you will be able to heal and improve is if you study with Sifu Jensen.” This was after receiving a diagnosis of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome from a Neurologist who told me “ You will not even be able to feed yourself within 5 years. There is no surgery or cure for your injuries, I can only offer you pain control”.

I took my chiropractors advice and began a healing journey with Sifu Jensen in 1999. Within the first few months of training with Sifu Jensen I began seeing results. No more numbness, no tingling, and very minimal pain as the nerve damage was healing. I improved a little at a time. Eventually, I can wake up without any pain! There are no words that can describe the gift of health and pain free living.

I have watched him over the last 20 years give many others this same gift of trusting your body to respond with the proper training and practice. I cannot recommend anyone more devoted to bringing healing to you!”

– Jackie Thompson

“I am a retired scientist, and have been practicing Tai Chi with Sifu Scott Jensen since September 2017.

Over the first few weeks of studying I realized that Sifu Jensen brings a lot more to the class than the step-by-step instructions for the various moves. He underscores everything we learn with the simple joy of movement. Nothing is wrong. As long as you keep moving you are a winner.

His deep and broad knowledge of martial arts is freely shared. One walks away from a lesson a little smarter about one’s body and how to help heal or improve it.

Learning a form of exercise that can be done, in whole or in part, anywhere (indoors, outdoors, standing in line, on an airplane) has enormous practical benefits especially during this pandemic.

Learning Tai Chi from Sifu Jensen is its own reward: He imparts the skills and moves and knowledge and you reap the benefits of a healthier body.”

– Carol Mirenda

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