I deeply benefited from Sifu Jensen’s outstanding technical knowledge, dedication, kindness and patience. I recommend studying with him for the richness, comprehensiveness, and sophistication of his program.

– Pascale Hery

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Be Naturally Strong and Healthy

The 10,000 Victories Tai Chi Online Academy is a wonderful community and resource for you to learn Tai Chi and connect with others who also love Tai Chi. When plants or animals mature and become strong and healthy, we think it natural. At 10,000 Victories we want everyone to naturally be healthy, vibrant, victorious, and happy. To be able to live in harmony with yourself, your family, and your community.

Our Head Instructor, Sifu Scott Jensen, is an International Gold Medalist in Tai Chi at the Internal Arts World Championship held at Wudang Mountain, the birthplace of Tai Chi, in China. Sifu Jensen has inherited important ancient lineages of Tai Chi from the world’s foremost Grandmasters. Even more important to you is his skill as an instructor and coach who has helped thousands of people profoundly improve their health and built a championship team of 10,000 Victories’. He is generously sharing his knowledge, skills, and wisdom he has acquired in over 40 years of professional study and teaching with you. Sifu Jensen finds immense satisfaction in helping people improve their lives with Tai Chi. We sincerely hope this academy and our courses can help you too!

5 Brilliant Tai Chi Paths

In our 10,000 Victories Tai Chi Online Academy you will find a comprehensive library of lessons curated into 5 brilliant courses and supported by a member only, exclusive forum. Our current library has over 500 beautiful lessons. From this comprehensive library we have created five different paths that will serve the needs of different types of students. Tai Chi has the depth to profoundly benefit different types of people in the unique ways they each need.

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Foundation/Beginner’s Tai Chi Path

Our Foundation Path is designed for normal people who will learn and progress at a reasonable and comfortable pace. This path focuses on building health and happiness with clear easy to follow lessons. In this path you learn the classic Tai Chi Long Form taught by lineage Grandmaster Wong Jackman. This course includes many wonderful topics in addition to clear and easy to follow lessons for every single movement. Additional series of lessons include Core Concepts, Philosophy and Lore, Getting Results and Health Benefits, Foundation Stances, and Training Tips. All of these lessons expand the art, culture, and depth of Tai Chi far beyond the movements.

Athletic and Graceful Tai Chi Path

The “Athletic and Graceful” Path focuses on taking a more athletic approach to Tai Chi. In this course you build more strength, flexibility, and balance. You will learn fun kicking drills, master techniques on both sides of the body, and challenge yourself to excel. If you want to compete or perform this is a great course. It is also a great course to move up to an intermediate or advanced level after you have completed the Foundation course.  The Athletic and Graceful Course also includes a penetrating and insightful look at the aesthetics and beauty of each technique from the eyes of your friendly World Champion, Coach, and Senior Tournament Judge, Sifu Scott Jensen. Learning how to make each movement more beautiful also makes them stronger and enhances their health benefits.

Healing and Longevity Path

Our lucky third path “Healing and Longevity” is designed for those students who prefer to move at a bit more leisurely pace with lots of encouragement, more depth on how to achieve the health benefits of Tai Chi, and extra exercises devoted to balance development and fall prevention. The Healing and Longevity Path is perfect for recovering from illness or injury. We also focus on only learning the first section of the Tai Chi Form. This is the shortest and easiest section and is great to learn first and begin comfortably. If you have never exercised before or have not yet developed the skill of learning movements this course is perfect because it offers extra tips and encouragement to help you.

Classical Combat Oriented Path

In the “Classical Combat Oriented Path”, we dive deep into everything it takes to weaponize your Tai Chi. In this course we add many additional lessons on footwork drills, dodging drills, sparring drills, push hands, and self-defense applications for every movement, including many joint locking or throwing techniques, and striking drills. If you are interested in understanding more of the self-defense side of Tai Chi or developing practical self-defense or sparring skills this course is for you.

Tai Chi Sword Path

Tai Chi Sword makes up our fifth and possibly the most awesome course. In the Tai Chi Sword Path, you will learn the 46 Style Tai Chi Sword. This is a magnificent lineage Tai Chi Sword form filled with a complete repertoire of classical fencing techniques. These lessons are beautiful and cinematic with clear demonstrations and easy to follow instructions. Tai Chi Sword is incredibly fun to practice and almost everyone loves holding a sword! Having permission to wave your own sword around and flow with the graceful fluid power of Tai Chi is amazing. Inspire your inner victorious champion to arise. For the adventurous student you can even start with Tai Chi Sword although most people prefer to learn the Tai Chi Form first.

“I began studying with Sifu Jensen in 1991. For the last 30 years I have seen him and his school continue to prosper and thrive, offering “old school” traditional Chinese martial arts. Sifu Jensen’s continuous support and encouragement of his students is why I still practice what I learned from him. He instills a deep desire to want to be your best in life!”

– Gary M

I have never been particularly interested in the martial arts, but after this program I am absolutely a convert to the healing effects of Tai Chi. Years ago I was in a terrible car accident that left me with lasting pain in my hips, and back, tension all along my spine, and a feeling of weakness in my injured shoulder. Everything from my balance, to my mood, and my daily function was impaired. About a year ago my husband found the Jensens and there is no way to accurately represent the improvement I’ve experienced without seeming exaggeration. 

I thought I’d try this for a little while and then get tired of it, but I was wrong. The lessons are broken up into easily digestible chunks with enough detail about posture, balance, and breath to keep them from being boring in the beginning. Not only that, they’re full of encouragement. When I’d fall away from practice for a while, I found myself more able to return because instead of being met with mantras about the absolute necessity of daily practice I was met with gentle reminders to go at my own pace, and that doing a little is better than doing none at all. 

I’ve stuck with this program longer than any program before, and since it’s become a part of my daily routine I don’t see that changing any time soon. The Jensen’s have clearly poured a lot of heart into this program, and it shows. There’s so much available for everyone at every level of interest, and as my balance, strength, and physical exuberance return I look forward to engaging with the more advanced materials. 

I absolutely could not recommend this program enough. 

– Hannah Mosqueda

“Sifu Jensen’s program sets itself apart not only by being connected to some of the very best instructors who were around in China in the 90’s, but by his willingness to share the wisdom tradition of the Chinese martial arts within the video format. This is potent medicine for mind, body and spirit, Jing Qi and Shen.

The breadth and depth of Jensen’s knowledge is, on examination, staggering bordering on the achievement of a savant, and he doesn’t brag about it. I have never met the man in person, and he has done enough for my education of the true nature of the martial arts to rival any of my traditional teachers in Karate, who I was very lucky to have.

If you are considering this program, from my view you might decide to buy it for two reasons. 1: the purity and also depth of the lineage of teachings here on offer. 2: a valid approach to the inner wisdom of the martial art, missing from most or reduced in proportion to the (quite) toxic pretense of people without cultural foundation playing the game of oriental enlightenment. This alone can offer the truest benefit of martial arts to mind and heart. There’s nothing like it out there, because Jensen has no rivals in the streaming market to offer the same qualities. In short: practice here. Good Luck!”

-Ben VanderJack

“I am a student of Northern Shaolin and Yang Tai Chi in the Pacific Northwest, and I had been looking for an online program to supplement my class instruction. Sifu Jensen’s Online Tai Chi Academy far exceeded my expectations.

Sifu Jensen has a wealth of knowledge of the Yang form, its connections to philosophy and Chinese medicine, and the full Yang martial curriculum of push hands and Applications. This is by far the best online Tai Chi program I have yet found, and I look forward to his future offerings in Northern Shaolin and Xingyi!”

-Kent Kreiselmaier

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“I’ve taken many Tai Chi and martial arts classes over the years and I cannot say enough good things about Sifu Jensen and the 10,000 Victories school. They are the real deal.” 

– John Granatir

“Sifu Jensen is a well-known all over, with overtones of knowledge. I’m so excited to be a part of this. We should thank him for doing something like this.”

– Khamisi H

“Scott & Rachel Jensen dedicate no less than 100% of their time, expertise and care in the continued development of easily accessible curriculum to support all those earnestly dedicated to personal advancement. The Comprehensive Online Program is assured to provide a wealth of opportunity to new and continuing students interested in exploring Chinese Martial Arts and associated Eastern Disciplines.”

– Michael Reibin 

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“I am Peter Bauer and have over 35 years in Federal service, starting with Peace Corps and currently working with Medicare.

I learned Tai Chi form over 25 years ago and wanted to re-start and advance my practice. Restarting with Sifu Scott Jensen learning Tai Chi & Tai Chi Sword was awesome. It really all comes back! It has been great for building my strength, balance, flexibility and relieving stress and foot, leg, hip, back & neck pain. I was looking for more advanced Tai Chi lessons and found them at 10,000 Victories. At and 10,000 Victories we study both the Tai Chi & Tai Chi Sword form. (The 46 style Tai Chi sword from the Chen Pan Ling Lineage of Tai Chi.)

The Tai Chi Sword form has a complete set of classical sword techniques. There are very few repetitions so the form is full of unique movements. This makes it exciting and fun to learn and practice.

Restarting my Tai Chi studies with Sifu Scott Jensen – at 10,000 Victories has been like finding the fountain of youth, who knew it was here this whole time.”

– Peter Bauer