When plants or animals mature and become strong and healthy, we think it natural. At 10,000 Victories we want everyone to naturally be healthy, vibrant, victorious, and happy. To be able to live in harmony with yourself, your family, and your community.

Sifu Scott Jensen’s 10,000 Victories Training Online is your best resource for learning Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Northern Shaolin, and Xing Yi Quan.

We’ve created close to 600 videos (still growing) of high quality, easy to follow lessons to teach you how to become healthy, strong, fit, coordinated, balanced, flexible, courageous, and happier!

The ancient wisdom of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Kung Fu has been used to  transform their practitioners’ healthy, fitness, and mind! Start learning today with International Gold Medalist and master instructor Scott Jensen as your guide and teacher. He is sharing his 40+ years of experiences and insights on how to achieve your optimal body, mind and spirit health. Become a practitioner of 10,000 Victories Ancient Lineage Arts and mark your personal Victories. 

For the art of  Tai Chi Quan, we have curated 5 different paths for learning this magnificent art, the Grand Ultimate. You can pick whichever path that suites you to start your Tai Chi study. You will learn the classic Tai Chi Old Yang Family Long Form taught by lineage Grandmaster Wong Jackman.

The current Qi Gong program being released is Liang Zhen Pu Style Bagua Zhang. New Qi Gong lessons added every one or two weeks.

Get all programs below with one small monthly fee. Learn the arts, build your skills. Become strong and healthy capable of supporting yourself and help others!

The perfect place to Begin Your Tai Chi Journey. Immediately experience health benefits and build Energy, Strength, Balance, and Relaxation.

Foundation Tai Chi Path, Learn More

Build upon the great lessons in the Foundation Course with additional content. Great for intermediates and adventuresome beginners.

Athletic & Graceful Tai Chi, Learn More

Perfect for total beginners to exercise or sports. Great for recovering from illness or injury with gentle nurturing.

Healing & Longevity Tai Chi, Learn More

Learn the self-defense aspects of the Tai Chi Chuan with an emphasis on striking and evasion skills for sparring and self-defense technique practice.

Classical Combat Tai Chi, Learn More

Level Up your Tai Chi with Tai Chi Sword. Great way to exercise – Fun and Rewarding!

Tai Chi Sword Path, Learn More

A fast and profound way to transform your body and build strength.

Bagua Zhang Program, Learn More

I began studying with Sifu Jensen in 1991. For the last 30 years I have seen him and his school continue to prosper and thrive, offering “old school” traditional Chinese martial arts. Sifu Jensen’s continuous support and encouragement of his students is why I still practice what I learned from him. He instills a deep desire to want to be your best in life!

– Gary Moring

The breadth and depth of Jensen’s knowledge is, on examination, staggering bordering on the achievement of a savant, and he doesn’t brag about it. I have never met the man in person, and he has done enough for my education of the true nature of the martial arts to rival any of my traditional teachers in Karate. 

-Ben Vanderjack

I have never been particularly interested in the martial arts, but after this program I am absolutely a convert to the healing effects of Tai Chi. Years ago I was in a terrible car accident that left me with lasting pain in my hips, and back, tension all along my spine, and a feeling of weakness in my injured shoulder. Everything from my balance, to my mood, and my daily function was impaired. About a year ago my husband found the Jensens and there is no way to accurately represent the improvement I’ve experienced without seeming exaggeration.

-Hannah Mosqueda