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10,000 Victories 2018 Summer Camp


Once again we are happy to offer this exciting and content rich summer camp for 2018!

Your kid will learn awesome Kung Fu from award winning instructors at the beautiful Lagunitas School campus and surrounding parks.

Summer Camp gives your child student an opportunity to work out, learn new skills, have fun! While also, getting out of the house and giving parents a break!

Camp is open to students from all schools and classes and are a great way to meet new friends and training partners. Kids will get opportunities to fraternize and compare their Kung Fu.

The camp is jam-packed with content.


The General’s Advanced Weapons and Sparring Camp

Ages 7+ (July 30- August 3)

Older, more experienced kids will have an unique opportunity to learn a new weapon and advance their sparring abilities!

Every student participating in The General’s Advanced Weapons and Sparring Camp, will get to learn a new weapon form, learn the thrilling Two-person Northern Shaolin Sparring set, refine a hand form for competition and performance and advance their sparring skills!

Student who have already begun learning weapons can bring them in to practice and every student will get to learn a new weapons form!

Available weapons include: Staff, Spear, Sword and Saber. Normally students would have to complete staff before learning anything else, summer camp participants get a special treat!

The Two-Person Northern Shaolin Sparring Set is extremely dynamic and thrilling choreographed fight! Students get to leap, kick, punch, strike, grab at each other and learn the defensive maneuvers to counter attack. The set is practiced in a safe and controlled manner.

Students who own or purchase the Sparring Gear can also learn sparring. Sparring with safety equipment allows students to make contact with each other and test their ability in a safe and controlled environment.

Sparring is great for intermediate and advanced kids who have already developed some skill and control. It is an important aspect of training to test moves and see how they work against a real opponent.

Whether your kid is developing their Animal Power, or honing their Weapons and Sparring skills, they are certain to have lots of fun and gain valuable skills at our Kung Fu Summer Camps!

NOTE: Please pack a big lunch for youkid with lots of extra snacks and water!


July 30th- August 3rd

(Mon-Fri 9:00am-3:00pm)

Ages 7+



Meeting Location:

Lagunitas School (lower campus)

1 Lagunitas School Rd.

San Geronimo, CA 94963


Learn more about the summer camps / Register / and purchase weapons and gear



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