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Come to Our Exciting Party and Celebration on October 20th! Join us as we proudly present 9 Northern Shaolin Black Sash Graduates. We’ll have great food, awesome Kung Fu performances, 2 movies, friendship, and fun!

Experience a full evening of rare classical, combat oriented Kung Fu. Each student will demonstrate one Northern Shaolin Hand Routine, One Weapon Routine, One Sparring Routine with a Partner, and Free Sparring skills. Everyone will perform different expert level hand and weapons forms for a variety of exciting performances.

Northern Shaolin hand forms are famous routines full of exhilarating flying kicks, low sweeps, powerful striking, and brilliant stepping and leaping that are practiced and performed. Northern Shaolin hand forms are extremely dramatic, difficult, and long! Join us this evening and you will see a variety of the best!

Weapons forms are performed holding a weapon and include all sorts of classical combat techniques and vigorous choreography. Expert weapons shown this evening will include: Earth Dragon Staff, Rising Block Spear, Eight Diagram Saber, Plum Blossom Spear, Northern Shaolin Ground Rolling Double Sabers, Northern Shaolin Kwan Dao (halberd = huge blade on pole), and Double Dragons Twin Straight Swords. All of our favorites!

Sparring forms pit two students in a mock, pre-choreographed battle, with, or without weapons. These fun performances are filled with the high intensity, dynamic moves that make Northern Shaolin famous! Sparring will be with plenty of protective gear, and exciting, but also safe.

After the performances, we will present gifts and awards to our graduates and take photos as we prepare for dinner. After dinner we’ll watch two movies, first a short art documentary about “What is Tai Chi” and then major Hollywood movie “Birth of a Dragon” featuring our Grandmaster Wong Jackman.

We are pleased to announce that the following 9 students will be graduating as Black Sash holders: Jason Brenner, Burak Yildiz, Fethi Yildiz, Joseph Vigneri, Adam Banakus, Erica Bermudo, Hasan Sume, Noah Tartarsky Omarzu, and Connor Jensen.

Our students worked hard, grew, and improved for many years to become ready for this evening. We’re proud of them! Please, come and give them your support, encouragement, and recognition!

Grandmaster Wong Jackman will be attending. We are honored by his presence and encouragement!  Other senior students and friends of Sifu Wong’s school in San Francisco may also attend.

This is a big occasion for our school. We began our school here in Marin County over 10 years ago with the goal of graduating Black Sash Students in Northern Shaolin. Our goal has been, and is, to train new experts to carry on this awesome art to another generation. Northern Shaolin is a demanding and difficult style of martial arts. Because we maintain a high standard, and expect the development of real skills, few students achieve this level.


Schedule for Reception, Performances, Graduation Ceremony, Presentation, Dinner, and Movies

3:30 Reception and Seating – Pleasant music and conversation, please arrive at this time if possible

4:00 Northern Shaolin Demonstration by 10,000 Victories Black Sash Students

5:30 Presentation of Graduates, Photos

6:00 Dinner by an exceptional Chinese restaurant with vegetarian and meat dishes, selected by our own Taiwanese gourmet Rachel! Each of these dishes is delicious. They are different, interesting, and NOT your usual “Chinese Lunch Plate Items”. Vegetarian and Gluten Free dishes were carefully chosen.  If you have a favorite desert, you like to share, please go ahead, and bring it! Please hang out, and socialize with everyone, as we rarely gather.

7:30 Movie Showing of “The Art of Tai Chi” a documentary by Scott Jensen (host and writer), Michael Rhine (director), and Steve Eagleton (Emmy Awarded editor). – This beautiful art film is an in depth documentary examining and explaining the art of Tai Chi filmed on location in mystical Wu Dang, Mountains, Beijing, beautiful Taiwan, and our own stunning Marin County and San Francisco. approximately 18 minutes long. Large screen, good projector, and pro sound for a good viewing.

8:00 Showing of “Birth of a Dragon” this movie is based on the famous challenge match between our Grandmaster Wong Jackman and the film star Bruce Lee. This major Hollywood movie by Michael London is our favorite Bruce Lee movie! Great action scenes and inspiring plot! More hanging out in the back of the room, near the beverages, and in the kitchen is encouraged!

10:00 Happy Ending to Great Evening


$36 per adult ticket available here

$18 per child (12 and under) ticket available here

Or make check payable to 10,000 Victories and mail to 5 Dolores St. San Rafael, CA 94901

Location: Duncan Hall of First Presbyterian Church, 72 Kensington Rd. San Anselmo, corner of Ross Avenue and Kensington Street, in San Anselmo, Marin County. Directly across the street from Wade Thomas Elementary School. Street parking is plentiful!


This evening is a benefit for our school and our 501(c) 3 nonprofit educational corporation, The Chinese Cultural, Healing and Martial Arts Association, CHAMA. Any donations above the requested amount will be tax deductible. We appreciate your support.

Additional Donations: Please make check payable to CHAMA and mail to 5 Dolores St. San Rafael, CA 94901

We hope everyone will be able to attend this great celebration and special event honoring the top students of the 10,000 Victories School. New Black Sash Graduates and Sifus in Northern Shaolin are not common. Let’s all give them a big party, and happy celebration!

Please kindly RSVP by October 10. Thank you for your support for this special event!

$36 per adult ticket available here

$18 per child (12 and under)


Scott Jensen

Head Instructor, 10,000 Victories School


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