Discovery Day, Sausolito Discovery Museum

2018 Discovery Day

Kung Fu students steal the show at Discovery Day!

Adult and Child performers of Ten Thousand Victories, demonstrated their skills at the annual Discovery Day at Sausalito Bay Area Discovery Museum on February 19th, 2018. Each year the event draws large crowds of impressed spectators from around the Bay Area. Guests get to participate in fun and exciting educational activities and presentations.

Adult and child performers demonstrated great confidence and focus while performing dynamic Northern Shaolin forms and Animal Power routines in front of the large crowd. Spectators held their breath while our brave martial artists did dynamic moves, deep stances and aggressive flying kicks!

A Bay Area Destination

Bay Area Discovery Museum in Sausalito offers activities for all ages.

Held in the historic location looking out across the bay, San Francisco Skyline and the Golden Gate Bridge. The Bay Area Discovery Museum is a hub that attracts patrons from far and wide.

Performers Make a Strong Appearance!

Congratulations to all the performers who represented the school with great enthusiasm! Special thanks and acknowledgment to first time performer, Marquez Khan, who did a marvelous job in demonstration Liam Bu. There were also wonderful performances by Aerin Martinez who performed Six harmonies

Saber form, Leo Beare who performed Rising Block Spear and Duan Da hand form And Selin Yildiz, who did a simultaneous Duan Da performance with Aerin Martinez.


The adults showed up strong with performances by Ila Cantor who performed Wu-I hand form, Harry Rudl who performed Mei Hua hand form and Earth Dragon Staff, Joseph who performed Immortals Sword and a special appearance by Sifu Scott Jensen performing Tai Chi hand form.

We have performed at this annual events for the past few years are always well received. Having a booth and doing performances at events like this is a great opportunity both for students, to represent themselves in front of a crowd. Also, for spectators to be introduced to this rare and historically important martial art, hopefully inspiring another generation to carry on the tradition.



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