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We are proud to be offering Animal Power Classes as part of the Ross Valley Charter, after-school program in Fairfax!  

The lovely staff and parents have made us very welcome and incorporated us into the fabric of their school. Students are excited by the fun and dynamic Kung Fu Animal Power curriculum and classes continue to grow.

We are now on our fourth Animal Power Lesson, The Tiger! Many have received, and cherish, their animal patches earned from the Falcon, Elephant and Dragon lessons.

Animal Power Instructor, Noah Tatarsky-Omarzu has continued to develop class culture and community connection through outreach to parents and school staff. As well as lesson planning and developing expectations during class with students. The kids love the animal lessons and are excited to learn new moves!

Two Classes, Two Age Groups

We offer two class periods. First, the Little Animal Power class has a great group of little kids four and five years old. While the second, older class, ranges from 6 to 9 years of age.

Little Animal power kids learn fun and important lessons about animal biology, leadership lessons and classic virtues and participate in activities and movements that develop coordination and balance.

Older students are taught practical self defense skills, like kicking, punching, blocking and dodging among other traditional Kung Fu moves.

The older kids are also assigned Animal Power Fu Books which have fun activities and lessons including classic virtue lessons, stories, fun mazes, coloring activities, Chinese Calligraphy lessons and much more!

Beautiful Nature Vistas on Campus

Classes are held outdoors, as weather permits, allowing for awesome animal sightings and views of Fairfax’s naturally beautiful forested hills. During the Falcon Animal Power, students were lucky enough to see stunning displays by real Red Tail Hawks, flying overhead.

During rainy or foul weather days, classes are held inside allowing for fun indoor activities such as, obstacle courses, Dog Boxing, rolling, ground exercises and Animal Fu Book activities.

We are blessed to have a great opportunity to develop a connection with students, parents and staff at Ross Valley Charter school after-school program.



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