Thinking Forward to 2021

Thinking forward to 2021 I hope everyone will focus on deepening their personal practice. Developing your own personal training regime, self-motivation, and creating a time and place in your life for practice represents a huge change in owning your practice and study over only practicing during class. Learn how to train yourself and integrate the lessons I have given you in your practice and your progress will be swift. While we will continue to do private lessons, it will be a while yet before group classes are possible. In the interim, we will produce as many great online programs as we can. I am accepting a limited number of additional private lesson students. 

Currently there are 4 new online courses in production. Tai Chi First Section, Yi Jin Jing – Muscle Tendon Changing Classic Qigong, Earth Dragon Staff and Lian Bu or Linking Steps from Northern Shaolin. Following these will be new Ba Gua Zhang and Xing Yi Quan Level One Programs. Each of these will follow a similar format with many great components working together. For example, each week of our Tai Chi program will have two movement lessons, a follow along practice session, a motivation moment, a philosophy or lore lesson, a body method lesson, and some bonus lessons and tips. I am delighted by the quality of information we are delivering in these programs.  In addition, there is a fun little game to mark your progress through the course. Of course, there will be live weekly classes with our instructors, and friendly interaction in our super cool Teahouse Forum. All these courses will follow this format with additional follow alongs, and inspiring cinematic movies. 

During 2020 Our whole team shifted focus to producing video content. Although we have produced video programs before we are elevating our production capability and learning new skills in all areas. This exciting development is something we have long hoped to achieve. Having successfully achieved our landmark goal of graduating Black Sash students in Northern Shaolin in 2018 we are focusing on documenting in both print and video the entire curriculum. Creating reference documents and teaching aides will assist our instructor’s efforts and support everyone’s study.  

We have successfully overcome many challenges in producing our current videos. These challenges include learning lots of new software and online platforms, brushing up camera operation and filming techniques, creating a workflow to handle large video files, buying expensive cinema lights for filming movement and learning how to use them.  

In 2021 we will launch our new programs on a professional Vimeo channel designed to provide a great learning environment with excellent livestreaming capability. When built the experience should be like using Netflix with excellent quality. As your Sifu, I am becoming a full-time student to learn announcing, non-fiction screen writing, and production planning to enhance our production.  

Keep your ears open for new podcast episodes starting soon!  

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