Tiger Claw Elite Championship Tournament

Tiger Claw Elite Championship Tournament 

(Sat/Sun, May 19/20) San Jose, CA 

Tiger Claw is a world leader in Kung Fu and Martial Arts equipment supply and publisher of the Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine. Tiger Claw supports and showcases Traditional Kung Fu practitioners promoting Traditional Chinese Martial Arts and Medicine. Tiger Claw and Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine have published many featured articles by Sifu Scott Jensen.  

Each year, Tiger Claw holds the Tiger Claw Elite Championship Tournament. One of the largest tournaments on the West coast for Chinese Martial Arts.  

This year, Tiger Claw put on a new special event, The Ku Yu-Cheung Bak Sil Lum Championship! In honor of legendary martial artist, Ku Yu-Cheung. The Event took place on the second day of the Tiger Claw Elite Championship Tournament, Sunday, May 20 in San Jose CA.  

Ku Yu-Cheung  

Ku Yu-Cheung is a critical link in the chain of Northern Shaolin Masters, and was one of the Five Tigers. Five incredible Kung Fu fighters who brought Northern styles of Kung Fu into southern China.

Ku Yu-Cheung is famous for his extraordinary Iron Palm and Iron Body Techniques and massive collection of Forms, both with empty hand and weapons. As practitioners of Classical Northern Shaolin, we should all have the utmost respect for Ku Yu-Cheung.  

To commemorate the event and motivate registration, Tiger Claw offered a Five Tigers’ memorial Sword. Plum Publications donated a pile of books about Northern Shaolin to show their support.  

Considering the historical connection to Northern Shaolin, Sifu Jensen encouraged his students to go compete in this special event and represent our school.  

10,000 Victories Competitors  

Heading the call, Harry Rudl, Erika, Pauline, and James Bermudo went to compete. The Bermudos are well seasoned competitors who have been highly successful at past competitions winning many medals. Harry Rudl has much fewer years training but has also done very well in the beginner division for the past two years of competitions.  

Erica Bermudo, of San Rafael, competed in the advanced division. She won Silver for Long Weapon, Gold for Hand Form and Gold for Tai Chi. She competed with spear, Wu-Yi, Yang Style Tai Ch, and  

Northern Shaolin # 9. N. Shaolin # 9 is a very difficult long form with many extremely challenging moves.  

Paulin Bermudo of Larkspur, registered in the Intermediate division, and took home Gold for her hand form, Gold for Wipping Willow Sword in short weapon form. She also won Gold for her Tai Chi Sword.  

James Bermudo, of Santa Rosa, entered in the beginner division, and won two Golds. One for his hand form, Wu-Yi, Northern Shaolin # 5, and the other for demonstration of Dragon Phoenix Sword.  

Harry Rudl, of Fairfax, entered and won Bronze with  

Northern Shaolin #8, Ba Bu, at the Ku Yu-Cheung Bak Sil Lum Championship. Awesome performance from a beginner with less than 2 years of training in a show place event. Ba Bu, or Unearthing Step contains 8 flying kicks, and many sweeps.  

The Competition  

Our Tournament Competition Team performed with power, speed, and heart, but the competition was strong. Congratulations to Sifu Ken Hui’s student for winning the event. The competitor who won had a very clean and flawless presentation. They were not the fastest, or most powerful, but performed with a high level of precision, winning the judges approval.  

Though disappointed to let the Five Tigers’ Sword go to another school, overall, our competitors did very well and were awarded medals (mostly Gold) for nearly every event entered.  

Tiger Claw Elite Championship is held yearly. We will continue to attend and represent our school.  




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