100 Day Practice – The Standard

100 Day Practice A Classic Standard

In Kung Fu and many Chinese arts, they love the 100 day practice. This means you practice something for 100 days in a row without missing a single day. For example, take a form you’ve just learned and practice it every day, 10 times, for a 100 days straight. You’ve just performed your new form 1,000 times. Do you think your skill will be there? I do! If you practice your form five times a week in a year, you would have 270 repetitions. If you were on the 100-day practice plan, and doing ten reps per day, you would achieve about the equivalent of four years practice in slightly over three months. That’s a 1,000 rep, 100 day, plan.

And you’ll be far better because of the density and intensity of your training.

Here are a few ideas and examples from my own 100 Day Practice:

Do your Tai Chi form 100 days straight in a row.  You won’t quit again and your health will blossom and so will your skill.  The Tai Chi form takes between 1 2 and 15 minutes for a single repetition so doing multiple reps becomes time consuming.  if you don’t take breaks between forms and you are slightly fast you can complete 5 an hour.  4 is more realistic.  10 Tai Chi forms realistically takes about 2 1/2 to 3 hours depending on breaks and speed.  this is very strenuous training if you bend your legs.  It is how I prepare for tournaments and why I win.  If you do 5 minimum each day that is a strong practice.  Once a day is a regular practice and it will keep you healthy and fit.

Northern Shaolin 100 Day Practice

Do all 10 Core Forms of Northern Shaolin once a day for 100 days straight!  That is 1000 Northern Shaolin Forms! Then you are awesome! Endurance and conditioning for sparring will not be surpassed by normal people.

Classic Qigong 100 Days Practice

Do your entire Muscle Tendon Changing Classic for 100 Days straight.  You’ll be healthy and you’ll be flexible!

Do Loosening Tendons Opening Joints, Post Standing and Prebirth Qigong for 100 Days experience the mystery of blood and qi circulation transforming your energy and body.

Weapons 100 Days Practice

Weapons forms are great for this. I have done 100 Days virtually every weapon I know and 1000 rep, 100 days of my favorites including Northern Shaolin Ground Rolling Double Sabers,  Plum Blossom Double Swords, 42 Method yang Family Spear and Earth Dragon Staff

If I know I am going to do a serious performance or competition I will count back 100 days from the event and make sure to train every day.  Sometimes the goal of 10 repetitions of single form can be extremely strenuous! or time consuming!

Foundation 100 Day Practice

Do all of your Crouching Tiger Push Ups and Hidden Dragon Core Strength exercises.  Get buffed up!  Repeat until you can do 10 of all 12 styles of push ups and 30 each on the core exercises.  You’ll be sporting a ripped physique and a serious increase in raw power.

Phoenix or Chin to Toe Stretch for 100 Days!  Wow, your kicking just gained orbital trajectories, and lift off speed.

Horse stance for 100 days. Add 1 minute per day from when you started.  No need to go over 90 minutes.  Your legs are gnarly strong now and your knees will never go bad.  I have done 90 minutes of low horse stance, but I did not complete this one. Maybe you will surpass me?

Xing Yi Quan 100 Day Practice

The Classic 100 Day Xing Yi Quan Practice 1000 of the 5 elements per day, yielding a total of 100,000 Five Element strikes.  This takes about an hour a day if your have your elements down so you can maintain a steady full power pace.  Complete this and your 5 Elements are combat ready for civilian self defense.



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