10,000 Victories Tai Chi New Video! Soaring Over Cliffs and COVID

Sifu and Erica perfom Tai Chi for the new video. 10,000 Victories School is in San Rafaef, Marin, CA.

The Plan  

10,000 Victories Tai Chi Programs are coming your way. 10,000 Victories Tai Chi New Video Below! 

All Classical Yang Family Long Form courses will follow a similar format. Each week will include two Form lessons, a Body Method Lesson, A Philosophy and Lore of Tai Chi Lecture, Motivation Moments on the Benefits of Tai Chi and a variety of bonus lessons. Form Lessons will feature Sifu Jensen happily teaching you the movements of Tai Chi in easy to learn pieces. In the Body Method Lessons Sifu Jensen helps you learn how to move like a Tai Chi expert. Philosophy and lore lessons teach you everything besides the movements that make Tai Chi so fascinating and interesting to study. Motivation Moments examine, in detail, how to attain the health benefits of Tai Chi and stay motivated to learn and practice.  

In addition, there are piles of lessons on the Core Concepts of Tai Chi, Foundation Stances, Balance Development Drills, Linear Technique Drills, Kicking Exercises, and that will be sprinkled throughout to supplement these weekly lessons. Much of this content was personally developed by Sifu Jensen over the past 40 years helping serve the specific needs of diverse individuals and communities. Core Concepts explain the big picture of Tai Chi practice. Balance Development Drills systematically build the strength, flexibilitycoordination, and awareness needed to level up your balance. Foundation Stances teach you the secrets of strengthening and using your legs in Tai Chi. Linear Kicking Drills are fun exercises that build balance and help you with the kicks in the Tai Chi Form.  

Specialty Advanced Lesson Series are Planned! 

For the Fighters!  

For those of you inclined to a fascination with the martial side of Tai Chi, this series will be a treasure filled library of powerful self-defense knowledge and structured training methods. These drills will include Push Hands, Strategic Stepping, Empty Body or Dodging, and Palm and Fist Striking SkillsWe will be sure to include our favorite structured and free sparring games. In addition, Sifu Jensen plans to do a detailed series of 41 lessons explaining multiple applications for all 41 techniques featured in the Classical Yang Family Long Form. These lessons will include one and two step drills for you and a partner to practiceAlthough we are laying out this specific series of lessons covering Tai Chi Partner exercises, we will not be able to film these at the moment 

For the Lovers! 

Tai Chi is a stunning physical art that is a joy to practice and perform. For everyone hoping to make their Tai Chi more beautiful and increase the health benefits of each movement we have a special set of lessons. Perfecting the beauty of your performance and learning to express yourself through your body gracefully, beautifullywith calm poise and balance is a wonderful pursuit. The beauty of your performance is directly linked to its effectiveness as a health exercise. Many of our students have enjoyed performing and competing for pleasure. Some students also push their athleticism exploring the limits of the strength and flexibility with high level competition. Sifu Jensen won world renown for his stunning Gold Medal performances of the Classical Yang Family Tai Chi Form and Double Dragons Paired Swords at thWorld Internal Martial Arts Championship held at Wudang Mountain, the birthplace of Tai Chi in China. The 10,000 Victories Women’s Tai Chi Sword Team is famous for their beautiful performances and Gold Medal Championship. Many of our students have won top honors including Grand Championships at US National tournaments.  

For the Mystics! 

Although the rationalist, literalists, and spiritual doubters have little use for “Qi” and “Energy” the rest of us would like to make sure we have as much of both as we can just to be on the safe side! This course will unveil the meditative and contemplative side of Tai Chi. For those interested in the calming and harmonizing qualities of Tai Chi learning how to open up your breathing methods expands your ability to maintain your center and stay relaxed. For those interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine in relation to Tai Chi Chuan this series will butter your toast, baby. 

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