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February 25 and 26, 

9:30 – Noon both days.

Location is Gerstle Park, in San Rafael, CA.

3 Combinations Sword Sparring form pits to partners in a mock sword fight. This pre-choreographed fight allows you to safely have fun dueling with a friend. Since both people know what their partner will do next and how to counter with their own moves it is a safe and fun way to gain a clear understanding of the techniques in your Sword form. This will help you understand the techniques in your sword form regardless of whether it is a Tai Chi Sword Form, or Wudang Mountain Sword or a specific style sword form like Two Roads sword from Lan Shou Quan. Everyone has lots of fun learning and practicing 3 Combinations Sword. If you already know one side, this is a great opportunity to learn the other side so you can practice with more partners. Sword sparring forms have largely been lost to the modern era. This is one of the only remaining such forms and it is a masterpiece transmitted directly to Sifu Jensen from Grandmaster Wong Jackman. I hope you will be able to join us!

More details to come soon! Questions:

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